Dandruff is the spread of fungal infection on the scalp resulting in making the scalp dry, itchy and flaky. Dandruff is fast to spread and hard to be removed from the scalp. Dandruff leads to a lot of hair loss and also causes itchy scalp making it a stubborn problem to deal with. We have the best treatments to treat dandruff and dry scalp effectively thus bringing back healthy hairs
Our trichologists suggest the best therapeutic shampoos that are clinically tested for their vulnerability and also hair care products like hair serums, conditioners, etc. that help in fighting back the infection. Besides this medication to treat dry scalp condition, there are procedures like deep cleansing and Scalp and hair nourishment available to treat dandruff effectively.
The duration varies in people depending on the level of infection. Some people there could be instant results with the change in shampoos and hair care products. Some cases and take more time depending on the severity of the condition.
With proper treatment or medication, dandruff can be cured permanently. In some cases, dandruff is removed just with a change in the shampoos they are using.

Consult our expert trichologists today to know more about the best anti dandruff treatments available at our clinic.

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