To know exactly about the potency, strengths and the positives and negatives of using anti cellulite creams, one should understand the actual concept of cellulite.

Formation of Cellulite?
Primarily, cellulite is distinguished by bumpy and dimpled skin, but that doesn’t depict the whole case. The enlargement of fatty tissues under the skin is among the main factor that leads to bumpy and dimpled skin. Search has confirmed that cellulite happens when the skin cells become feeble as the outcome of which fat is accrued in chunks.

Root Causes of Cellulite
Obesity, poor blood circulation, unhealthy food habits, hormonal imbalance, aging, pregnancy, dehydration, lack of exercise and environmental damage to the skin are among various reasons which are the root causes of cellulite.

Looking at the positives and negatives of Anti cellulite creams

  • It provide nourishment to the connective tissues and when the connective tissues becomes strong, they become able to keep the skin supple, elastic, firm and tight.
  • It do not cause rash or inflammation on the skin and promise a smooth, sleek and model like look.
  • It, if used consistently, not only you will get rid of existing cellulite but the future formation would be inhibited.
  • It are made of special ingredients which target hips, butts, stomach, thighs, arms etc and the results are far better than attained by regular exercise.


  • It, even though the brochures claim that they are suitable for all skin types but most of the times it happens that your skin is too sensitive to take it, make you suffer from reactions such as allergy.
  • It is not made of supernatural ingredients; the results cannot appear over nightly. Their function is slow and patience is required to reach the goal.
  • It for some low quality brands, the manufacturers do not add in the right ratios of caffeine and retinol due to which the anti cellulite creams fail to do their job.

Without passing any surgical treatments or costly expenditures, it is time now to state good bye to the chunky and dimply skin as the anti cellulite creams exists to show their wonder. According to researches, higher than 90% of females are victims to cellulite. And higher than 50% of females get cellulite following their pregnancy because their skin gets loosened up, that too with almost no possibility or rare chance of returning back to its original shape. Several of the famous cosmetic brands including Nivea, L’Oreal & Neutrogena have established and launched in the market their different anti cellulite creams that have been proven productive.

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