People may be skeptical at first but with a few anti aging tips they can fight off the hands of time and stay looking younger longer. This means avoiding expensive surgery and doing things that can be done around the house that can turn 40 into the new 20. Even 60 is not what it used to be. So why let a number hold you back?

Run Three to Five Times A Week

This may sound a bit aggressive, but running this much is good for the heart and for the energy capacity. The only expense to running is buying a good pair of running shoes. People will want to go to a running store to get properly fitted so their feet will land perfectly each and every step.

To start out running begin with reachable goals. For example, for the first week walk/run a mile at least three times a week. The next week walk less and run more for a mile three times a week. Then slowly build up the mileage and the amount of time spent running. This will build up endurance so running becomes something to be enjoyed instead of something dreaded.

Proper Skin Care

Take care of skin is a big part of looking younger. Wrinkles cannot be erased, but they can be prevented and diminished. All it takes is the right skin care plan. This means washing the face both morning and night to make sure pores are not clogged and dirt is not wearing into the skin.

For people who wear makeup, they will want to take special care to remove all makeup so as to not damage their skin. While makeup may cover up blemishes and imperfections, they can also cause these issues by being left on the face for too long. Use a gentle cleanser to not irritate the skin.

Anti Aging Creams

Part of taking care of a person’s skin is by using an anti aging cream. This cream can be for any number of different reasons. For example, a person may need an anti-redness cream or a heavy duty moisturizer due to losing so much fluid during the day. Other people may want a cream that diminishes wrinkles and fine lines.

The most important thing to know about anti aging is that it begins at any age. Even teenagers who are healing their acne or doing so in a way where they will not have pop marks on their face for decades to come. They don’t want to damage their skin anymore than a 50 year old does who has fine lines and crow’s feet. Try these anti aging techniques and see how many years you can knock off the mirror.

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Everyone gets older but that doesn’t mean everyone has to look older.Try using these anti aging tips to hold back the hands of time and to stay looking younger longer.