Aging is a natural process that gives a lot of people sleepless nights. Not that it’s bad but rather because it erodes the youthful look we once used to have. Fortunately, the advancement in technology and increase in professional expertise have made aging a normal life process. There are no more wrinkles, hair loss, stretch marks, dry skin, dark spots, or even patchy skin.

We shall discuss the above conditions in details and see how the lasers help in restoring the youthful state in the body. A variety of lasers are used to perform these operations. However, the common unifying factor is that they can all be performed by a dermatologist. Thus, a single visit to the clinic can turn you from aged to youthful.

Laser treatment options:
As we have seen, there are various aging conditions that the lasers can reverse. They can be explained in the following order:

Skin conditions:
Skin is the first organ in the body that physically shows signs of aging. Although we cannot stop the aging process, the extent of deformation on the skin due to aging can be reduced. Some of the skin conditions that develop due to aging are:
Wrinkles and folds: These result when the underlying skin tissues are unable to hold moisture and water due to aging. This makes the skin to lose elasticity required to tighten it. A laser can correct this condition by reactivating the collagen cells. Fractionated carbon dioxide and erbium lasers are the common ones used for this treatment. These lasers also work by removing the dead skin cells through a process called lasabrasion.
Stretch marks: These are white, brown, purple, or red marks that develop on the skin if it has few collagen cells or when it can no longer keep up with the growth of the muscles. In as much as stretch marks might appear to be caused by a rapid weight gain, the weight comes with age. More so during puberty, a majority of the young women develop these marks. A pulsed dye laser is effective in getting rid of these marks. It targets the damaged blood vessels and calms them down.
Dryness, patches, and discoloration: The dryness mostly results due to the loss of oil glands or as a result of inefficiencies associated with aging. As the skin ages, it becomes thinner, inelastic and loses the natural ability to protect itself from ultraviolet rays and sun heat. These are the main reasons that cause patches on the skin; they form part of the discolorations. The lasers can target the melanin pigments to break the patches. The lasers also reactivate the collagen cells.
Hair loss:
As a person ages, the follicle cells become weak and weaker. As a result, the hair grows thin and thinner. Due to the hair thinning, it is easy to lose more hair as advancement in age occurs. The follicles cells can also die and lead to shut down of the follicles. When this happens, no more hairs can grow. The lasers offer hair loss treatment that can regenerate the follicles cells and cause hair to regrow, but it cannot revive the dead follicles.

Compromised immune system:
Aging reduces the production of B and T cells in the bone marrow. The white blood cells in the blood also reduce and these factors lead to a compromised immune system. The lasers can stimulate the bone marrow cells and lead to an improved immune system.

No worry with aging:
From the above discussion, it is evident that aging is a manageable condition as long as you visit the right professionals. Aging effects are most noticeable on the skin through the formation of folds and wrinkles. Hair loss is also a condition that you cannot run away from in the process of aging. Fortunately, a majority of the skin conditions associated with aging as well as hair loss are treatable with lasers. This makes aging a no worry process.

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