With the coming of Twitter, most online marketers sensed its potential to promote brands and services and to improve online presence. The introduction of the Lead Generation card by Twitter to provide an advertiser with email ids has taken marketing to a whole new dimension. The Lead Generation Card provides advertisers with an opportunity to stock their databases with email addresses of hundreds of thousands of people from all over the globe. There is no need to fill any forms and instead a pre-completed form is generated automatically and sent through a single click on a tweet. Anthony Constantinou CEO CWM FX says, it is sent directly to the marketer’s computer through Twitter.

A few tips that can be adopted to make the most of this new addition and promote your marketing strategy are as follows:

• With the feature you can access relevant personal information from Twitter with a single click of a button. It is not just easy it is swift. All you need to do is get an automated system as it sends the form directly to it. It is practically hands-free.

• Select a good image that represents your offer. Also create attractive content to draw in and keep readers glued to it. You need to get creative when drafting content so that readers are transfixed and compelled to click the button.

• Once you access the emails ids and names ensure to execute a good follow up campaign of emails. One good way to go about it is once you have the email addresses to send a follow up message to verify if the client is a patron of your business or product/services. The fact is once they receive your email they will in all likelihood check your online content.

• Once you have confirmed that indeed the client does avail of your products or services add them to a relationship building program. If they have signed up with your business they are probably interested in some of the products or services that you provide. Ensure to add them to a program that they would be interested in. It is of no use to add them to those that they have not expressed interest in as they will opt-out.

After implementing the mentioned steps just don’t sit back and get complacent. You can get active and start measuring the results. You need to ensure that this technique is actually working and giving results. The Lead Generation Card is not free and you have to ensure that you are getting the numbers that you want.

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