We seem to come and go all the time, but have we ever seen death as another destination? Death is a place of being just like going to the store, your job, learning and loving. All destinations can be internal as external where we can choose and choose again how we want to get there full steam. Death is a word though we never pursue, never reaching to or emotionally being attracted to. Death is to us the end of our existence and frankly yes it is. It is the end of being physical and of being mental but beyond that is only true speculation. The speculation that we are here on day and the next we could be consciously somewhere else. sort of like daydreaming yes? We will commit to choice and recommit to bad choices but to commit to the choice to understand death is somewhere we choose not to go. Death can sometimes come suddenly and rudely and sometimes it comes peacefully without words to describe. Death can be a destination we can view from many angles and many lenses and find peace within it whenever needed. To choose so is to wise to choose so is to see beyond our mental boarders and to see so is another destination.
Believe in the magic of living and living in choice.

Author's Bio: 

A mother, daughter and writer life coach I try to pursue life as another destination and just get there the best way I can hoping to teach others a better way.