Animal Spirit Guides ~ or Totems ~ are among the most powerful and profound Spirit helpers we have. Our ancestors knew how important these Animal Spirits were, but over time we've been taught to turn a deaf ear to call of the coyote and a blind eye to the flight of the raven.

Yet these amazing creatures still walk with us in the Spirit world and the physical world, giving us clues about our life, guidance along our path and offering companionship during the most challenging times we encounter.

Each and every one of us has an Animal Spirit Guide. In fact, we have many! And if you're not aware of yours yet, all you need to do is wake up your inner Dr. Dolittle and learn to listen to the call of the wild.

Here are 3 ways that can help you
Wake up your inner Dr. Dolittle today...

Tip #1 ~ Pay attention to the animals that come into your physical world.

Yes, even your pets. Dogs have valuable lessons to teach us about loyalty and unconditional love. And cats are amazing at demonstrating the values of independence and flexibility.

But chances are other animals will cross your path as well. And if they do, stop to listen for their message.

Did a dragonfly land in your garden this morning? Dragonfly carries with it the energy of transformation. So ask yourself, is there some area of your life in need of a make-over?

Did you catch a glimpse of a hawk soaring overhead on your way to work today? Maybe Hawk is reminding you to rise above your current circumstances and broaden your perspective and awareness so that you can see the bigger picture.

Tip #2 ~ Take note of your dreams.

Dreams are a wonderful way for your Animal Spirit friends to communicate with you because in dream state your intuitive, receptive, subconscious mind is running the show.

When an Animal Totem comes to you in your dreams, they can communicate with you in much the same way that they once did with your ancestors without your logical mind trying to rationalize and dismiss the spiritual messages you receive.

Make sure you keep a dream journal by your bed and write down all of your Animal dreams and messages. This will help you track patterns and gain insights over time.

Tip #3 ~ Tap into your own intuition.

Sometimes the energy of these special Guides will show up without your knowledge, bypassing your conscious mind and communicating directly with your Spirit.

Have you ever witnessed a woman protecting her kids like a "mama bear," or a guy who blended into the background like the "clever chameleon" to avoid trouble? Chances are these folks were tapping into the energy of the animals whose traits they took on. And they probably didn't even know it.

Just imagine how powerful it would be to KNOW that you have the resource of these amazing allies with you at all times and that you can actually call up their energy when you need it most.

So the next time your intuitive instincts tell you to charge through an obstacle like an elephant, embrace that energy and know that with the spirit of Elephant within you, nothing can stand in your way!

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Michele McGrew is the founder of Wake Up Goddess LLC, a spirit-based business dedicated to helping women find their path to passion and purpose when their souls are suffocating in the corridors of blue suits and glass ceilings.

Michele is a metaphysical minister and Pagan High Priestess who is passionate about helping women rescue their spirits and wake up their own inner Goddess to the claim their right to power and joy within the workplace and the world.

Michele hosts workshops and teaches private classes on a variety of topics including past life regression, intuitive tarot reading, chakra balancing, connecting with your Spirit Guides and working with the archetypal energies of the ancient Gods and Goddess for the creation of a more harmonious life.

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