There are three structures for building web applications that each frontend engineer has found out about: React, Vue.js, and Angular.

Respond is a UI library, Angular is a completely fledged front-end structure, while Vue.js is a reformist system.



Respond doesn't uphold a particular task structure, and as you can see from the authority "Hi World" model underneath, you can begin utilizing React with only a couple of lines of code.

Respond Elements are the littlest structure squares of React applications. They are more remarkable than DOM components because the React DOM tries to refresh them productively at whatever point something changes.


The Vue.js center library centers around the View layer as it were. It's known as a reformist system since you can expand its usefulness with official and outsider bundles, like Vue Router or Vuex, to transform it into a real structure.


In this article, I'm examining Angular 2, and not the primary adaptation of the system which is currently known as AngularJS.

AngularJS, the first system, is an MVC (Model-View-Controller)) structure. Be that as it may, in Angular 2, there's no exacting relationship with MV*-designs as it is likewise partly based.



Respond is perhaps the most mainstream JavaScript project with 160k stars on GitHub. It's created and kept up by Facebook, and it's utilized inside in a significant number of their ventures. Moreover, it controls more than 2 million sites, as indicated by BuiltWith's utilization insights.


Out of the three systems, Vue has the most stars on GitHub, with 176k stars. The venture is created and driven by ex-Googler Evan You. It's an extremely solid, autonomous undertaking in the open-source local area and is utilized by more than 1 million sites, as indicated by BuiltWith.


Angular is created by Google, yet shockingly it's not utilized in a portion of their lead items like Search or Youtube. It's regularly utilized in big business tasks, and it controls more than 97,000 sites dependent on BuiltWith's information.

Biological system

Open-source bundles save you valuable time when creating applications. That, yet they are frequently better compared to specially designed parts and bundles since they're fight tried.


Many front-end applications depend on the worldwide state board to store data, for example, who is signed in and other client settings.


Even though Redux can be utilized in Vue, there are no authority ties. Yet, that ought not to concern you because Vuex is the authority state the board library made explicitly for Vue applications. Besides incorporating very well with Vue, it's not difficult to investigate utilizing Vue's engineer devices.


As on account of Vue and React, there are many prepared to-utilize segments that you can bring into your tasks. What's somewhat extraordinary about Angular is that there are numerous authority parts in the Angular Material venture. This is an authority project by Google that offers Material Design segments for Angular applications

Normal Technologies

Angular, React, and Vue would all be able to be utilized to create Progressive Web Apps, otherwise called PWAs.

PWAs are not versatile applications but rather web applications that cell phone clients can add as easy routes to their home screen and offer a look and feel like local portable applications.


While picking a structure or library, you need to consider execution well.

As a rule, you will not need to stress over execution, particularly in case you're fabricating a little venture. Notwithstanding, the more a task fills in extension and intricacy, execution can (and will) become a worry.

JS Framework Benchmark: Angular versus React versus Vue

The aftereffects of the JS Framework Benchmark show that they all perform very well all things considered benchmarks, for example, making or attaching columns in a table.

Perf Track: Angular versus React versus Vue

Perf Track by Google Chrome Labs shows creation information from a huge number of sites. These details are influenced by numerous different things and the system of decision, however, how about we take a gander at the numbers.

First Contentful Paint

Vue and React sites rank higher for this measurement contrasted with Angular that can set aside more effort for a sure and present substance to the client.

Biggest Contentful Paint

Precise is additionally the slowest among the three systems in delivering a total page, with just 27% of Angular sites scoring in the adequate reach.

First Input Delay

For every one of the three structures, more than 80% of sites are inadequate to reach for the previously input delay, which shows the amount it takes until the client can connect with the page.

JavaScript Bytes

The most lightweight applications are by a wide margin the ones created with Vue, with 68% of Vue applications stacking under 1MB of JavaScript. Then again, Angular and React applications will in general have a bigger code size.


Respond v17.0 has been delivered, however shockingly, it does exclude any new highlights for engineers.

The significant change is that this new form makes it simpler to redesign React itself. You can redesign only a few pieces of React from the more seasoned adaptation to the fresher one, without overhauling the entire undertaking.


Vue 3 has been delivered in September 2020, and it handles numerous difficult issues that Vue 2 has in enormous ventures.

The entire venture was modified in TypeScript, which improves TypeScript uphold in new Vue projects while likewise makes the task more viable.


Angular recently presented the Ivy Compiler. It lessens construct times, enhances resources, takes into account quicker testing, and for the most part improves engineer insight.


Angular, React, and Vue are all together under a dynamic turn of events. They consistently discharge new forms and keep up the current ones. As the current degree of help is high for each situation, you can securely utilize any of these structures.

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