Tasks related to construction, assembling or repairs can very to a great extent and almost everything is possible with the availability of the right tool for the job. For anyone involved in construction, mining, automobile and other such industries, power machinery and tools have been acting as a helpful support since many years and every upcoming mechanical technology examples that we see today are outcomes of power tools from leading brands like Bosch.
So if you’re looking out for a power tool having versatility as its main USP, the ideal choice would be angle grinders. These are used for different tasks ranging from metal grinding, cutting tiles, and pavers, sharpening sand and polishing various materials. Angle grinders from Bosch are must have tools in your toolkit. Being a really powerful and precise tool, it is inexpensive as well. Of course, you’ll come across many varieties and models for these tools, which might lead to confusion for new users in selection of the materials. Also there would be a number of factors to consider before picking out from your selected grinder range. Let’s get started here-:

Electric - There are whole lot varieties for angle grinder machines and the main types available in the market are mostly the electrical angle grinders making the use of mains power for working on motor. Because of the effectiveness and popularity of these power tools, you would come across a number of varieties for these tools from leading manufacturers like Bosch.
These mainly come in two versions i.e. the cordless and the corded one. Available in different voltages and the requirement of power capacity for heavy duty job would determine the right buy in this case. These are most commonly required in building sites because of their nature of handling heavy duty works. Angle grinders with larger size would generally be powerful and electric which would also require adding up another handle for getting much better support in the operation.

Petrol Angle Grinders

Petrol grinders are fine options where the cordless versions of these tools are used. The type of angle grinder would be mostly usable for industries. In addition to ensuring the perfect gas for this tool, it must also be ensured that sufficient supply is present for completion of the task. This would also seem necessary for following all necessary precautions while using petrol powered grinders for prevention of leakages.

Pneumatic Grinders

Angle grinders working through the usage of compressed air are known as pneumatic tools. Despite all the different varieties of tools available at this size, it also helps in producing better power output. With the pneumatic tool range the small discs would work well with more revolutions per minute instead of larger varieties.


Cordless angle grinders are convenient compared to the corded counterparts as they would move easily about while in use when these get transported. With the pool, you won’t have to worry regarding the power socket proximity.

Combustion powered grinders

Grinders getting powered through internal combustion engine have to be well known for their usage through rescue workers. Pure power is required for everything that has to be portable and flexible and there are two different hand units that would provide you with considerable power but makes higher amount of noise and won’t be usable in confined areas as the fumes would be provided through power source.
There are many angle grinders that are powered through internal combustion engine are well known for their usage rescue workers. This would be when pure power is required that is portable and flexible. There are two hand units delivering considerable power but making extreme amount of noise and can’t be used in confined regions as the fumes are present through power source.
All angle grinder power tools can be used for a number of purposes and these would make the working simple with easy metal for completing tasks at a much better pace.


Bosch Angle grinders have proved worthy since long for several industries and almost everyone related to construction and manufacture has availed its immense range of benefits. It’s vital to wear facial shield and breathing masks and take further caution while you use these machines.

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