Anger provoking events are all around us; like stress it is in the perception of each individual as to how one responds. When you get angry, it is beacause an event has provoked your anger. Everyday events such as these are anger provoking in the moment or because it has reminded you of a similar situation in the past that was anger provoking:

Being cut off on the road
Traffic congestion
Long waiting in a doctor’s office
Long lines in the store, post office, bank to wait on
Crowded buses and trains
Being wrongly accused
A friend joking about a sensitive topic
Having an untidy roomate or family member
Having to clean up someone else’s mess
Being placed on hold for long periods of time while on the telephone
Having difficulty understanding someone on the telephone in customer service
Being given wrong directions
Having anything stolen from you
Rumors spread about you
Having a neighbor who plays the stereo too loud, etc.
It is also possible for specific events to touch on sensitive areas in your life. These “red flags” usually refer to long standing issues that can easily lead to anger. For example, even though you may be a good reader as an adult, a childhood slowness sensitivity may be evoked when someone rushes us or becomes impatient re completing an application or form, or when someone calls us “slow” or “stupid”.

As an anger coach and being US Court certified as an Anger Management Specialist I help individuals and groups to learn how to deal with anger provoking events and triggers. You may contact me to find out how we can work together via telephone, skpe or face to face in Long Island, NY.

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Eileen Lichtenstein, MS. Ed. believes inner strength and being centered are keys to life and business management. She offers innovative training, speaking and coaching in the realm of stress management/reduction and work-life balance for individuals and groups, and has developed strategies to facilitate success. A former biofeedback therapist and faculty at Hofstra University, Eileen currently works with the Dowling Center for Intergenerational Policy and Practice. She is a certified Anger Management Specialist, Career and Mid-Life Coach and EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique ) Practitioner, She has been featured extensively in print, TV and radio media.
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