Angels are everywhere, but they are much more visible when the living will perish from the living world and traverse to the world of the unknown. This is when spirit guides or angels will come into the picture to lead, funnel and show the newcomer to their world and make them feel comfortable in all respects.

In agreement to the guidelines and principles of religious philosophy, and the knowledge and sentience of a supreme corporeality, religion, divine truth, religious knowledge, perception, clairvoyance or sixth sense, spirit guides or angels are not usually of human succession. Certain angels or spirit guides remain as light, energy or force, in the celestial sphere, or as luminous entities, which can go beyond human capacity.

Some spirit guides or angels are human beings who have traversed several lifetimes before, compensated karmic debts, and progressed further to reincarnate. Several followers supposed that angels or spirit guides are selected on the “beyond” by souls who are going to incarnate and need support to carry on through the transition.

Some individuals who have active dreams were able to meet their spirit guides or angels. Generally, you only encounter these profound entities during near death experience or when you have already left the world of the living. They are the ones who will guide you through the evolution from one dimensional existence to the next level of universal existence.

The methods vary from astral projection procedures to plain spiritual meditation application, and other forms of clearing visions, and divination. It is mentioned that angels and spirit guides are not from the Earth’s sphere, but coming from another dimension. And, consequently supposed that we need to fine-tune and clear our minds, and give more rooms to reflections or meditations. In this way, we are inviting these unearthly entities to get inside our sphere and interact with our guides.

In the doctrines and guidelines of Theosophy, angelic entities and spirit guides are considered as residents in the troposphere of the universe. They are being identified as inhabitants in the planets, and are named “Planetary Angels”, or “Solar Angels” when they are found inside the Sun, and other terrestrial systems and stars have their own resident spirit guides and angels.

Theosophy is a principle and doctrine of religious philosophy and mystical theories. It signifies that all beliefs are efforts by esoteric sisterhood/brotherhood to assist humankind in advancing to better development, and that every belief has a segment of the fact and reality.

It is deemed by Theosophists that Mother Nature spirits, rudimentary spirits, such as: elves, goblins, leprechauns, fairies, fays and pixies, that comprise the gnomes, female water spirit, and nymphs, can be seen and perceived by individuals who are gifted with a “third eye”. People with “third eyes” are individuals who are intuitive, psychics and perceptive in discerning and noticing angels and spirit guides who direct new arrived souls in the hemisphere of the ‘beyond”. They are the ones who receive, greet and accept new departed souls and make them as comfortable, happy and restful in that place of eternity.

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Rachel Ann is a Reiki Master and writes for the psychic & metaphysical industry, promoting the discovery of the personal spiritual path, awareness and self development.

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