1. What is a Certified Holistic Health Coach
As a certified holistic health coach, my goal is to help you live your life to the fullest. That means that I'm going to challenge you in new and different ways with every session we have together. But it's not just about me telling you what to do - I want us both working towards solutions together. As a coach, I will teach you how to use the power of food, fitness and mindset so that YOU can make lasting changes with real results!
Have you ever heard the saying, 'you are what you eat'? If so, then you may be interested to learn that this saying is actually not true. While it's true that your diet does affect how healthy or unhealthy you are, there is much more to health than just eating right and exercising. This is why many people seek out a holistic health coach like me! I can teach women (and men) all about their body and how to live a happier life by following certain practices of self-care.
If you're looking for ways to improve your overall happiness through better living habits, consider contacting me today at https://www.withinhealth.net/ for some free tips on holistic living!
2. Why should I hire a certified holistic health coach for my health
If you are interested in hiring a health coach, the very first question that will pop into your head is "What does aholistic health coach do?" There are many things that they can help you with, and this article will list them. You should hire one if you want to make real changes in your life for the better.
The role of a certified holistic health coach is to guide their clients on how to live healthier lifestyles by making healthy decisions every single day. Your coach will work with you on figuring out what's important to you so that they can help motivate you when it comes time for action. They have experience working with people just like yourself who have struggled with being overweight or obese their whole lives but now want change. A good
3. How do I find the right coach for me
4. What are some of the benefits of hiring a certified holistic health coach
You have a lot on your plate. You’re working, taking care of the family and maybe even going to school. Life is busy! There are so many things competing for your attention that it can become difficult to take care of yourself. That’s why you need a holistic health coach – someone who will help you figure out how to eat well, stay active and manage stress all while balancing everything else in life. They will help you learn about what foods boost energy levels, which exercises will be most beneficial for weight loss or toning up, and how to reduce the level of stress in your life without adding more hours into it already packed schedule. Find out which expert is right for you with this guide!
5. Who can benefit from hiring a certified holistic health coach
It can be a difficult to ask for help, but hiring a certified holistic health coach may benefit those who have thyroid cancer. If you are struggling with the physical and emotional side effects from treatment, this could be the right choice for you. This blog post will explore what a certified holistic health coach is as well as how they can help.
6. Where can I find out more about Angela Longo, Certified Holistic Health Coach
I am a Certified Holistic Health Coach and have been working with women who have thyroid cancer for over 10 years. I would love to help you figure out where you want to start on your journey. What do you know about thyroid cancer? For starters, what does it mean if someone has a tumor or nodule in their neck? Do they need surgery right away? Is there anything else that can be done first?"

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Angela Longo ,Certified Holistic Health Coach in Mahwah,NJ,United States, New Jersey helping women who have had thyroid cancer and a thyroidectomy lose weight,
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