Android 12- Features That You Need To Know

Android 12 is here! Google releases a major software update each year to its android mobile operating system. In 2020, it released Android 11. In 2021, it’s announced Android 12 and is now available in the form of a developer preview. With this initial build, users can now install the OS on compatible devices. Google is improving and presenting a host of features in its most recent iteration of Android. Changes to media handling and notification support, improvements to privacy and haptic feedback and more polished notification UI all make the cut. Let’s see the major confirmed features of Android 12.

Features of Android 12-
1. Easy Wi-fi Sharing-
In Android 11, if you want to share your current Wi-Fi connection with anybody, you can create a QR code easily. But in Android 12, you can avoid barcode scanning and just click the “Nearby” button you can below the QR code. This will use Android’s Nearby Share feature to transmit the Wi-Fi credentials to whom you like. While scanning the QR code is quite simple, this new feature allows you to share the connection data to multiple individuals without handling your phone around for everyone to scan. That is certainly more helpful!

2. More Screenshot Markup Options–
With a Pixel device, if you capture a screenshot, you can markup that shot with paintbrush-like tools. With Android 12, you can add text, Emoji and stickers to your screenshots using the same tool. This is not a big change but, it may prevent users from needing a third-party app to do the same thing.

3. Improved Cookie Management-
Android 12 is adding support for SameSite cookie behaviors to WebView. The SameSite feature enables developers to announce in the case a cookie must be restricted to a specific site. This inclusion must enhance the cookie management of Android 12 across various applications and OS. The top Android browsers already support this feature.

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