Study of ancient papyrus, tablets and the depiction of beauty had some of the same mystery as advertisements that have beautifully painted eyes with one difference; the families painted were great pharaohs and their families who revered the body as sacred servants of propagation of genetics inclusive of the knowingness of nature, leadership, agriculture, wine making, metal forging of liquid gold hot and steaming made into something beautiful in a manner similar to the soul becoming deep and rich with beauty Study of ancient papyrus, tablets and the depiction of beauty had some of the same mystery as advertisements that have beautifully painted eyes with one difference; the families painted were great pharaohs and their families who revered the body as sacred servants of propagation of genetics inclusive of the knowingness of nature, leadership, agriculture, wine making, metal forging of liquid gold hot and steaming made into something beautiful in a manner similar to the soul becoming deep and rich with beauty by the hands of its godhead.

Eyes with metalic colors like buterfly wings or more muted colors for evening alure is reminiscent of the Goddess painting the inspiration of the metamorphosis of the spirit that knows the UV auric engagement for the butterfly according to science sees in the UV light spectrum. Is it any wonder women paint their eyes and are attracted to cosmetics to wear the colors that the soul uses to remind us of a greater wisdom of health and longevity?

Presently we have colorful, metallic powders, eyeliners, lipstick, glosses, bases and more to create an expression of the inner beauty that is desired by the individual to enhance natural features or to create the illusion of features desired by shadings and contours. Sometimes the face we are born with is loved and adored and other times a nose or plump chin is desired changed because inside the individual feels that the mirror is lying as to the inner truth being worn externally as a complimentary genetic expression. So insecurity about looks is not necessary if the individual understands that which the being would like to enhance or change. Most men shave so they also beautify be removing facial hair going against their purely natural state.

Egyptian styling of eyes enlarged and enhanced by kohl liner and mascara with braided hair, fragrant oils and ground plants, hennas and other adornments exalted love of the body as sacred and beautiful adorned by the hands of its Godhead in Egyptian times who knew the sacred symbols of enlightenment. They also had extensive knowledge of the plant kingdom's medicinal and beautifying properties.

Garden of Eden what was it really? The couple in the garden with the tree of life the tree of the knowedge of good and evil and the serpent. Those symbols are as follows: The tree of life originally represented by the baobab tree that has a flower and fruit that feeds the beings is really us represented as the DNA inheritance of great beings who are connected and can read the natural kingdom's library of information. This includes facts such as the lovely gardenia blossom heady scent to provide ambiant gifts for the senses, quinine repelling mosquitoes protecting us and coffee a mild stimulant. Now the tree of good and evil is really relative to the serpent that is the kundalini symbol which climbs to stay in lower energy centres or higher consciouness that determines a coffee addict or a fragrant intoxicating being who knows the connection to the natural kingdom. It's not really exclusively about sex that tree is it? It is really about discernment from the spiritual attainment of your development. What are you doing with your DNA inheritance from the soul's prompting and is it a lower, quieter prompting or is it full blown superconsciouness? That also affects sexuality and your genetics. Even how cosmetics are used and how you adorn the body. So there we have the Garden of Eden decoded finally and a Goddes writing is simply a being that knows this and is awake as an adept master or being. If your soul has to read in every second your whole anatomy to be alive and run your physical processes then clearly it knows your anatomy better than your physician for he or she is not you. Same superconscious being knows the natural kingdom. Get to it and take a BME module today for more personal development as a Creator.

*My favorite health and beauty tips:

For acne and minor skin breakouts use with QMTtools: Sea or Epsom salt poultice for five minutes and once dried up use same as scrub to remove dry skin.

For very oily skin daily, a few times a week for t-zone and once a week for normal to dry skin one teaspoon of olive oil with sea salt three or four tablespoons for face scrub or Epsom salt for the body in the shower. Oil may be substituted for Shea or coco butter as a cushion for the salt grains. Salt is a natural antiseptic that does not spread bacteria from break out as a scrubbing agent the way some grain scrubs may if there is acne break out. Glowing, rosy skin a result. Great for vacations to help prevent tan dry out and uneven skin shedding. Apply Aloe Vera get after treatment and coco or Shea butter for satiny skin. Oily skin types apply suitable water based moisturizer.

Dental care: tons of bacteria spread during flossing so rinse mouth with drug store grade hydrogen peroxide used as a common antiseptic (usually around 3%) to rinse mouth after flossing and to clean toothbrush once weekly. Unbelievable difference after rinsing!

Best mascara I've found: L’Oreal for those desiring to throw out their lash curler and have lovely, undamaged lashes without flaking….love the stuff! Use only water soluble mascara remover.

Best eye brow pencil I found is Lancôme with the smudger on the other end…stays put even longer than a day if you're camping!

Wash makeup brushes with shampoo weekly to monthly dependent on use to help prevent bacterial build up that may irritate skin or eyes. Towel dry and leave aerated to dry naturally. Moms teach your teens if they use cosmetics to help avoid disaster spill cosmetics bags. Sharpen and clean pencils with a tissue dipped in hydrogen peroxide to help maintain bacteria free, clean pencils regularly. Clean the edges of all cosmetic jars and product tops with hydrogen peroxide. Drug store first aid grade hydrogen peroxide is also a great toner for the skin that is a natural, non, drying and non stripping antiseptic. Great for use with the salt scrub. Non exfoliating, ingredient containing, brand name toners have very little function. If you like brand name toners find one with an exfoliating ingredient unless you have a medical skin condition that is not able to tolerate that.

Best gloss I've found is Prestige in the tube with sponge applicator; cooling and non runny. Also Rimmel is excellent thick stays put great neutral colors and berries. Wear wit a liner all over for extra stay put.

Best hair mousse for silky straight hair; Shwarzkopf got2b smooth operator. Even if you allow your hair to air dry then brush it out you get great body without impeding shine. Other styling aids they have may be great for other hair types.

Favorite manicure and pedicure:

One coat sheer blush colored nail polish like OPI over a base coat for short nails that look polished all the time. Complete with two coats of favorite top coat. Touch up with top coat as needed till polish is changed. Toes two coats of same sheer polish over a base with your two coats of top to finish it over trimmed toe nails.

To help prevent foot odor peppermint or a blend of essential oil rubbed between the toes and on soles of feet. You may dilute with a base oil like almond if the formula is too stimulating till you get the right concentration for your own personal use. It has been researched that aromatherapy oils help to prevent bacterial growth. This tip may also help to prevent athlete’s foot in athletes and children. Always use a diluted blend for kids. Aromatherapy not recommended for babies less than two years of age applied directly to skin. Hydrogen peroxide is a great, quick before bed foot wash followed with your favorite foot or body lotion.

Handy wipes great for fast hygiene clean ups especially during camping.

Mint oil diffused is one of the best air fresheners and speediest to get rid of all odors. For long hours sniff a bottle to rejuvenate prior to mini Merkaba recharging session.

Face powders that offer refillable compacts are nice for conservation. Pale pink matte eye shadow for a translucent powder wash over faces with any left over tans fading out.

Hair coloring tip especially if you're away from your hairdresser. Vaseline or shoe butter around hair line only apply to root growth. Touch up area five to ten minutes only to prevent dryness from over processing each time you color. Always use the gloves provided with the color. For black use only on root growth except for two to three times a year to avoid the dye build up that may occur with very dark colors. Leave on whole head during complete application for last five minutes only unless you have color fading from the sun. To keep colors fresh always wear a hat or scarf in the sun or apply a deep conditioning treatment on the beach under your hat or alone. This helps to prevent dry brittle hair, brassiness, color fade and breakage of the hair as it is more porous after coloring. Always use a cuticle smoothing, light spray or other hair product for blow drying for fine hair or silicon or other fuzz taming product for coarser hair. Low heat setting on the dryer is recommended. Color pigment shampoo used once a week may help to perk up original color between root touch ups.

Sunscreens with parasol and for kids with sensitivities titanium dioxide are great! Anyone with chemical sunscreen allergies try titanium dioxide based. If the formula is too rich follow with salt scrub at days end to unclog pores and help to prevent acne Great combo with self tan applied the night before to help prevent skin clogging for those who love to have a little color.

Best under arm deodorant that is also an antiperspirant with no aluminum is Lush cake deodorants that they cut in slices and works as great as the commercial antiperspirants with aluminum! For both men and women. Bikini line contains as many sweat glands as the armpits use there for same benefits. Great for nights out dancing if you have a date.

Epsom salt soak for infected cuts: One cup of unboiled warm water with two table spoons of Epsom salts plain soak for twenty minutes twice a day till infection is gone.

Acne tip: two tubs regular yoghurt with honey added a twice day a bottle of hydrogen peroxide with cosmetic pads wiped over face twice a day and chewable vitimin C taken with the yoghurt 500mg. Try for one month. Maintain results once acheived with peroxide wipe and the yoghurt and vit C in smaller doses later for maintenance. Night snacks stick with yoghurt.

Yogurt plain for healthy tummy add honey (contains a natural antiseptic property compound to it). Some who have lactose intolerance may be ok on it as the bacteria eats the lactose up and yogurt has very little in it with calcium absorption excellent also.

Acne special boost treatment: once every few days till the condition clears up use an epsom salt poltice in the tub or laying down packing the salt on a wet face, do not rub with active acne. Let sit for five minutes then rinse. Follow with aloe vera gel naturally oil free. All ingredients usually available at the drug store stock up on aloe vera during the summer months as availability varies throught the year. Thank me later.

De aging spa at home full body youthifying(especially recommended after weight loss to stimulate skin shrinking back tight: Olive oil sea salt alo vera high quality she butter moisturizing product or equivalent of your choice such as bio therm body and face products. Use salt in the oil up to four times a week with gentle circular rotation of finger pressure only till the skin feels mildly stimulated to regenerate. Use a mild soapy cleanser to remove the oil or if more sensitive go to step three of hydrogen peroxide wiped over face with a cotton cosmetic pad. Apply a light film of high gade alo vera gel (high content pure gel) followed with the moisturizing product.

Follow in the shower or bath with same for body with coarser salt such as epsom with a little oil also. (Action is like a much milder chemical peel with far less irritation) Alternate salt scrub with using a synthetic nylon scrubber daily. Lather with a mild soapy cleanser to remove the oil and apply alo vera gel followed by moisturizer. Use for a month after weight loss and continue at least twice a week for continued dea ging to stimulate the skin to reproduce faster. It is possible that after a year of this procedure you may observe visibly tighter skin with no nip and tuck needed. This may be helpful for those who are older to have less surgery needs prior to choosing cosmetic surgery and also those that have had it to lengthen the results of it.

Do not use scrub or she butter in eye area use a quality eye cream. Alo vera gel is harmless patted gently around the eyes.

Favorite fragrances Chanel Number 5 Chanel Number 5 Eau Premiere; updated and lighter and Jo Malone collection; floral based and they can be mixed together..smell like heaven on Earth. Cartier So Pretty; floral heaven of real essences. Thierry Mugler collection very modern and wears well great range no two are alike.

Favorite light spray body cologne Playboy VIP; like a shot of raspberries and cream.

Inexpensive cologne and scented body sprays people get as gifts use in your shoes and on feet to get rid of them.

Tip about low fat foods: most are higher is sugar which is addictive if these snacks are over eaten and this cycle may cause over snacking and weight gain which is unlikely with normal fat content foods that keep you full longer as they are slower to digest. Cookies yogurt and many others are higher in sugar than normal fat content food products. Fat is the slowest to digest and difficult to overindulge in truly without feeling ill.

Ancient basic item real tea that has many medicinal properties and is highly mood enhancing, mind clearin, helpful for quitting smoking to abate the craving for nicotine, Quantum Slim enhancing.

For nasal spray addicts during a cold try this: purchase Japanese Wasabi and nibble on it in small quantities while working or resting to help clear nasal passages. No drug side effects and membrane shrinkage!

Folex enzyme multi purpose cleaner one of the best I've found (available at large hardware outlets) to break down stains on carpets upholstery and other cloth items with very little damage. Pet stains may need other remedying.

Bleach for removing stains from any counter or porcelain surface.

Cleaning tip: unless it is water and vinegar always have plenty of ventilation during house cleaning to protect your lungs. Parents tell teens that may clean your houses on weekends.

In ancient Egyptian times the symbol of the snake on the headdress indicated an initiator of sacred knowledge that had passed many of their own that included the knowledge of creating elixirs for healing that used boiled water, herbs, salt crystals for the drawing out of toxins and replacing the mineral after profuse sweating,ground spices, and occasionally drugs to relax the body after physical injury or trauma besides their other huge knowledge base of healing and having some resurrection tools. They knew how to call back people from NDE's.

*Favorite tips are recommended for anyone who is not under the care of a dermatologist. For anyone who is please check with your health care professional prior to use.

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