“Ancient Discovery of Triggering “Sleep” is…”
“I just can’t fall asleep”, my 13 year old son said.
“It’s eating all that junk that is the culprit, that & 7-hours a day of SyFy with Captain Kirk.”
“Pop, you’re two Star Treks series out-of-date. But anyway, hit me with that Neuroscience to fall asleep.”
• 1. I-Am Googling everything: example, the U.S. government funds the National Sleep Foundation.

• 2. Hard statistics 2012, get this, it explains car accidents & mass murderers. 66% of all 313 Million Americans have insomnia a few nights each & every week.

• 3. NSF put a number with 7-day a week “insomnia”, and it’s 70-million folks. “Mama Mia Spicy Meatballs”, says I. It did not make my son feel better that he had a lot of company.

• 4. Remember the Goal: providing a neuroscientific method of inducing “blessed ‘dormire’ (to sleep in Italian). Wait, in Latin, the God of Sleep is “Sommus”, & in Greek, “Hypnos”.

• 5. Can you remember your ‘Brain Stem’ is located where your neck connects to your spinal cord? More, I added, (to show my homework), “your brain works on “circadian rhythms.” Latin for ‘around-a-day’, light-and-dark. He was nodding off.

• Now the sucker-punch, “And it is scientifically called, Suprachiasmatic Nucleus, located in your brain’s hypothalamus.” I thought he had expired.

• 6. He opened one-eye and hissed, “Do you mistake me for a Neurosurgeon?” It’s hard to live with the dumb, dense & ignorant, thought I.

• 7. I tried a new tact. “Do you know the name of God?”
We had no Bible, but I Googled a King James Version up.
Exodus 3:14. “And god said unto Moses, when asked what his name was, “I-Am That I-Am”. Thus shall thou say to the Israelites, “I-Am”, hath sent me unto you.”
• 8. “Did you know, that is the one-and-only place in the Bible, God reveals his name?”

• “No feces?” he said, with one skeptical eye.

• 9. First-Step: Become aware that you control a voluntary muscle that sends the nervous system, signals of sleep.
It’s your tongue. When you cannot sleep, your tongue is often full of tension, and lying up against your upper palate.

• 10. Release the tension from your tongue. It’s your physical key to relaxing your entire body. Keep it simple. Get your tongue off the ROOF of your mouth. How? Example: Make a fist! Now release the fist by opening your fingers, right?

• Release the STRESS from your tongue, which is keeping you from a deep, relaxed sleep. No words, just give it a muscle-command to drop down to your lower (bottom) pallet. Just mentally picture your tongue dropped flat in the cellar.

• 11. Second Step: Wait, this is hard part. Wiggle the tip of your tongue around like it was a worm searching for a fish to hook. Right, now cut it loose and let it naturally stay flat in your mouth. Now wiggle it again. Who controls it? Your conscious brain does.

• 12. Third Step: Take a deep diaphragmatic breath, and on exhaling, Hum the phrase, (in a whisper) “I-Am!”, “I-Am!”, “I-Am!”, “I-Am!” - with emphasis on the M-M-M sound, (4x).

• 13. Do you feel the resonance in your sinuses? Make ‘em vibrate. Take another diaphragmatic breath, a total of four, & exhale the phrase again, “I-Am!” Express “I-Am!”
a total of 16-times. It takes three-minutes in total.

• 14. Brainiacs only: the relaxed tongue & “I-Am!” have shifted your brain’s nervous system from Fight-And-Flight (Sympathetic) to relaxed Parasympathetic Nervous System. Acetylcholine, the relaxation neurotransmitter is active, not Adrenaline & Cortisol, the stress hormone.

• 15. Fourth Step: Keep yourself sound asleep. How? Mental visualization. Day-dream, with your eyes closed,
an image of your own body – in deep-sleep. How do you recognize your body is asleep? Answer: REM, you see Rapid Eye Movement & a Mona Lisa “smile” on your puss.
16. Finally check this out, there is a soft Smile on your 3-pound coconut. Second, the TIP of your tongue is directly behind your front (upper) teeth.
Endwords: this baby-easy three-minute strategy is scientifically valid for easing off into the Twilight-Zone, and BETA brainwaves (Hz cycles per second).
No more counting wooly sheep, just relaxing your tongue, whispering, “I-Am!”, and daydreaming yourself comfortably sleeping.
If you learn the following few lines, you will understand the priorities of life.
• “Let us rise up and be thankful. For if we did NOT learn a Lot, we learned a Little. And if we did NOT learn a little, at least we did NOT get Sick. And if we GOT sick, at least, we did NOT DIE! So let us rise up and be thankful!”
Who said that? The Buddha, the Enlightened One, the Awakened One. 563 B.C.E. (a/k/a Gautama Siddhartha).
I calls it, “Momma-Mia, Spicy Meatballs, in spaces.
See ya,
Copyright © 2013, Bernard Wechsler

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