What have you connected with that is both ancient and sacred?

While I am all for being in the present moment; what makes the present moment what it is, comes from ages and ages of events and choices that have culminated to create the current moment here and now. For most people, there is something about connecting with something ancient and sacred that holds a truth or authenticity that for many is quite unexplainable; and yet holds a powerful experience in connecting with it. This could be as simple as remembering a piece of who we really are; or it can be a profound humbling that comes with the realization of all that has happened and taken to create here and now.

When we look at the ancient and sacred, there is no question that these components brought together, share an authenticity in the stories and characters that created and held the very same thing as us. To touch, feel, hear, or experience in any way shape or form something with this energy vibration is to simultaneously connect multiple points of time and space. It is a joining of numerous generations, cultures, people, places, times in a mystical and magical sort of way. For me, when I handle items with this energy, I usually have visions of these other aspects; often times played like a movie in my head.

One person that is known throughout both religions and mystical arenas that brought this together in her various works was Hildegard von Bingen. While living a basically monastic life; she also embraced her strong visionary gifts and wisdom. She connected the ancient and sacred in her many writings and music that she created; and while it has been 837 years since her passing, her work is still key in the lives of many that delve into a variety of religious and mystical studies.

So what really makes the ancient and sacred so powerful; is shown as I interpret the codes on these key terms. When we look at what is ancient we are reminded that we will find a consistent and steady flow by asking for Divine Assistance; for in doing this we establish an open connection, we make a choice to align with all possibilities and can remain clear and strong as we move through this Earth humbly developing our wisdom through pauses, connection which creates what appears to be luck, and then stopping to observe and gather more wisdom, trusting, and persevering with what is needed in our situation which unfolds us to great victory.

Continuing in the realm of codes we also find that Sacred is about balancing our material and spiritual worlds. Moderation, and not allowing materialism to destroy our spiritual connection. We call it sacred because it is not tainted by the material world nor governed by it. It holds it’s own strength and self, unable to be influenced. This leads to a sense of purity, clarity, and full connection.

Katy Taylor is someone that has brought out the ancient and sacred energy through music. She brings a blend of Medieval Chants and Celtic Music; which for many speak to a deep piece of their core, through ancient civilizations and teachings. It is in this music that she helps people to also connect with what is sacred; remembering their full roots, the Earth, the lore; allowing for an authenticity that is not always easily found in our world today.

What I find about things that are ancient and sacred, is that for many there is not the desire to possess them; but the desire to experience them. It is about opening a door to a timeline continuum that allows us to explore more fully all of what is. This is much like leaving our little corner of the world, and going to another country or place.

What do you consider to be ancient and sacred?

Jesse Ann Nichols George

Code Interpretor

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