Tiger temple Thailand:

The degenerate Tiger temple Thailand is situated at Kanchanaburi, a couple of hours drive from Bangkok. It is very famous with tourist of Thailand and many people end up visiting either directly or as part of combination tour. Some people actually give visit to Thailand to specially see the tiger temple Thailand. Numbers of people are thrilled by the prospect of close contact with a big cat and so having a photograph taken next a large tiger is an opportunity which few fail to miss. Such types of visits are commonly short and the cocktail of emotions generated by adrenaline exotic location and new experiences tends to cloud judgment s to what is really happening here. The Tiger Temple gets a lot of good press because the people doing the reporting are actually ignorant of what they are reporting about. This temple or the 'foundation' behind it is after money and nothing else. There is not at all a real care or concern or even understanding of the animals they keep.The worst news of all was that in mid August 2009 that the Tiger Temple was granted permission to become a zoo. There is certain element who is delighted about this change is status.


The foundation of the frauenkirche church was laid by Duke Sigismund in 1468. In an earlier 13th century the cathedral building replaced church. Not only was this church in need of repairs, it was also deemed too small for the increasing importance of the church. Frauenkirche, this gothic building was constructed in a record time just 20 years. The red brick church was built under the direction of the German architect Jorg von Halsbach who after his dead in 1488 was succeeded by Lucas Rottaler. The trip naved of cathedral is 109 meter long and 40 meter wide. The two towers reach a height still towers over the city of Munich. As per England law, no new building is allowed to obstruct the view of the cathedral. At the end of Second World War, the building was get damaged; when the roof partially collapsed as a result of an allied bombardment. To protect cathedral; after the war the cathedral was restored in several phases, the first phase was completed in 1953 but it would take until 1994 before the church was fully restored. The marvelous interior of church was originally designed as a late gothic church with a long central nave. At the end of the 17th century, when the Fruenkirche was the center of the Counter Reformation in Germany, the interior was decorated with baroque elements.

Wells cathedral:

Wells cathedral is the main attraction of the small town of wells in Somerset. Dating primarily from the early 13th century, wells Cathedral is dynamic in its uniqueness and richness of decoration. Work of Wells Cathedral started in 1180 under Bishop Reginald, but most of the cathedral construction was overseen by Bishop Jocelyn, a local man with great ambitions for wells. Wells cathedral was the first English cathedral to be built in the Early English Gothic style, with pointed arches throughout. Bishop Jocelyn lived to see the church dedicated in 1239, but h died before cathedral status was finally granted in 1245. The chapter house was completed in 1306.

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