For some unknown reason, many Internet marketers prefer not to sell Master Resell Rights/Private Label Rights products. I don’t know why. I make several hundred dollars off of my low priced MRR /PLR products each and every month. It is an easy and profitable way to make money online. It didn’t cost me any of my own time to create it. And in most cases, they provided me with a website, so all I had to do was unzip and upload it. The entire process took maybe 5 minutes of my time.

I don’t even spend any of my time or money marketing them. The only place I promote them is in the small ads that I have placed within my web sites. But I must admit that I will occasionally include a link for one of these products in my articles. I suppose it takes me a minute or two to design the link. But I was writing the article anyway so it wasn’t a big deal.

I probably have 8 low priced MRR products listed for sale and I make several hundred each month. That works out to about $40 per product. And that’s every month! If you assume that I spent about ten minutes on each product, it works out to $3600 a year for 80 minutes worth of work. Not a bad return!

That’s why I am surprised that more people who are just starting out don’t use these products. It is a great way to start your online business:

* You can buy the products at very reasonable prices

* You don’t have to spend hours of your time creating a product that may or may not sell

* You don’t have to design a sales page

* You don’t have to put together a delivery page

With all these advantages, it really surprises me that more marketers (particularly newer ones) don’t take advantage of these products. And that’s not all:

* You can sell the product and keep 100% of the profits

* You can set your own price

* You can frequently enter your name as the creator

* You can resell the Master Resell Rights

* You can use them as bonuses to be given away with larger, higher priced items

And when you consider that you can get these products for next to nothing, you almost have to make it a part of your online business. One reason why more marketers don’t sell PLR products is the fact that they want to sell those high ticket items and make a killing. However, they should take into consideration that low priced products convert at a much higher rate than those premium priced ones. In fact, my low priced items convert about 14 times the rate of those higher priced premium products. So, who should be interested in Resell Rights Products? Everyone! Check out my great selection of low priced items!

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