Testosterone is a sex hormone present both in females and males. It is essential that both males and females should have optimal levels of Testosterone throughout the adulthood and even during the old age.

If you have low testosterone levels, then there are natural remedies as well that you can try out. We will just explore some of them here.

Increasing Your Low Testosterone Level

Increase your Vitamin D consumption

When you have low testosterone level, then Vitamin D intake can help to boost the levels. You can either try out a Vitamin D supplement, or you can spend a few hours under the sun.

Exercise to experience a boost in this hormone
If you are in the habit of exercising daily, then this can also be quite helpful to increase your testosterone level.

Maintain a balanced diet

It is also important that you should focus on your diet when you want a significant boost in your testosterone level. If you are in the habit of overeating or if you diet excessively, then this can also disrupt your testosterone level.

You should also make sure that you include healthy fats in your diet so that you can experience an increase in this hormone.

Men should make sure that they include foods that have zinc. The reason is that zinc also plays a role in balancing this hormone. You can eat lobsters, crabs, beans, and nuts. All these food items are rich in zinc.
It is also important to cut down on your sugar intake. If you suffer from high sugar, then it can decrease the testosterone levels in the body.

The inclusionof certainvegetables can improve the testosterone level. For example, you can include ginger in your diet.

Try to Fight Off Stress

Long-term stress can always take a toll on your health. When you are stressed, then it increases the storage of the harmful fats, and it may increase your food intake. Eventually, this will affect your testosterone level also.

Focus on different meditation techniques so that you can beat the element of stress from your life.

The worst part is that low testosterone levels have a lot of side effects. You may develop fragile bones because of this hormone deficiency.

The wise approach is that if you are suffering from low testosterone levels, then you should not ignore this issue. It can lead to many health problems. Try to seek awareness and treatment at the earliest.

If you lack medical knowledge, then you should have a look at https://www.genemedics.com/category/health-library/health-wikipedia/hormones/testosterone
It is also important that you should schedule an appointment with your physician at the earliest. You should follow the instructions of the physician to the core and undergo any tests if necessary.

Apart from following the physician instructions, you should try out all the remedies suggested above. You will get the results if you are consistent. Do not let your quality of life get affected due to low testosterone levels and timely medical help can solve your problem in no time.

Different Levels of Testosterone and Their Symptoms
One of the easily found testosterone levels is on the low side of the normal. This situation comes due to male’s highest testosterone standard are on top at the age of twenties, and with the passage of time, it starts getting low because of the age factor. A study showed that it is normal for a person (from age 30 to 50) to lose 1% of testosterone yearly.

Since it’s just a percent decrease, so it usually does not get the attention of the men. When a person gets ten more years older than his 50’s, a relatively vivid change starts taking place in his body testosterone and can be noticeable as well. This fall in the level of the hormone in themale is known as andropause or male menopause.
Low testosterone levels can also prove to be highly devastating for your body and its ability to perform tasks.

For Example:

•Physical Energy: The very first thing that will be affected by the lower-ness of testosterone is your physical power to do a task. One can easily see the changes in the older people and judge the reasons now. It happens because it supports your body structure and provides your body with all those positive and negative energies. That is why we often see teens more energetic than the old ones.
•Strength: Another factor that is very important for discussion is thestrength of a person. Strength is also affected by the recession of testosterone. Age is just an upper factor that we believe can impact on the level of strength of a person but within the dynamics of thebody, our testosterone develops strength in our body and increase or decrease our potentials, accordingly.
•Stamina: The staying power or perseverance that exists in the body and combine with a person’s strength is called stamina. It also decreases with the decrease in the level of testosterone in the body.
•Maturity: A person when feel weaken, and strength-less also starts taking the things seriously. That is why you don’t see your grandparents getting hyper on a topic where a teen can lose his patience.
•Weight Gain: People with low level of testosterone gain weight often because their body fails to fight the germs that create a layer of fat in the body and make us look more age-y than our real age.
•Declination in Libido: A person loses sex desire with the growth of age. The less testosterone you have, the less sexual arousal you will feel.
•Osteoporosis:A condition in which the bones of the body starts weakening because of less calcium in the body. It also results in different problems like eye-sight weakness, migraine, etc.

What Is an Average Level ofTestosterone in Men?

According to the study, the normal range for males is from 270 to 1070 ng/dL with a mean level of 679 ng/dL. Some researchers suggest that the healthiest males usually have testosterone form 400-600 ng/dL. This level of exceeding or gets lower is considered as out of balance as a person.

Benefitsof Higher Testosterone Than Normal.

High testosterone in our body benefits us in several ways. For example,itnormalizes the blood flow of a person and never let it get abnormal. With that, it also decreases the chances of heart attack.

Disadvantages of Having High Testosterone Levels?

Men with ahigh level of testosterones face many problems as well and tend to get addicted to things too.
•Men tend to consummate more alcohol and likes it more because that what their body accept when they are more in testosterones.
•Men with such level of hormone usually like to smoke and smoke well.
•They often get aninjury as well. Because a research discloses that such type of people are more high-risk takers and does not think before taking risks.

Both the sexes try to get themselves on steroids to gain anedge on others or muscle mass. They often experience high testosterone and face complications and side effects.
Like High blood pressure which can cause a sense of tension in them. Also, creates hypertension. These people face mood swings more quickly than others. These people also get themselves caught in liver disease, aggression, skin infections and high red blood cell count too. The most problematic effect for the female is infertility.

Treatmentfor Low-T in Men?

There are many treatments available for low testosterone levels. Doctors these days can prescribe you with the various medications through which the level of testosterone can be improved.

Why Should Men Not Get Any Treatment for Testosterone?
Because not every person is eligible for the treatment. Our bodies are easy with different antibiotics and fall a prey of antibiotics too.

Testosterone must not be used in males because it can prove to be lethal for them- sometime cause prostate cancer. This method or treatment can also put a person who is suffering from kidney, liver or heart problems at higher risk. So, men should always try to ignore such treatments which can cost them life. One must consult with doctor properly about the side effects a treatment can have on a normal body.

After How Much Time a Person Should Have His Testosterone Checked?

The question that arises here is the period. Now how does a person ensure that his testosterone level is ok or not? Some doctors have suggested that a normal person should get himself check after every five years.

And after age 35, It can be the best time to ensure your good health. Care is important than carelessness. A good doctor can help in suggesting the best possible way to tackle related situations. If the person is going through too low hormone levels and doctors feel that symptoms are showing a positive sign on them, then a therapy can be considered.

However, once your therapy is started, make sure that the level of testosterone does not reach so high while maintaining a low hormone problem. A high testosterone will get you with all the problems that are mentioned above completely.

Things can change into negative as well. If you want to own balance of testosterone in your body, then the best way could be consulting with the doctor, and your willis also required for the initiation of the therapy.

Testosterone Level Test

Things to remember here are that testosterone is a sex hormone that is very essential for the health of men and women. Your doctor may prescribe you for the tests regarding the level of testosterone if he/she finds that your condition needs it most. But is this test going to be very serious? No! It’s just a normal blood test, and it does not require much attention.

This test is a measure of the amount of testosterone present in the blood and is measured in nanograms per decilitre. It is also known as a testosterone serum test. Adding more to it, an androgen is called a testosterone and is produced by both the sexes-male and female. It is highly responsible for the fertility and puberty process and increases sexual desire.

Testes are responsible for producing most of the testosterone in males andfemales; ovaries produce most of the testosterone. Also, males tend to have a large number of testosterone in their blood as compared to females. A study showed that testosterone actually could develop many traits in a person who can include muscle bulk increasing with higher muscle bulkiness.

Your body’s strength and body hairs and bone mass can also speak volume for your testosterone hormones. Similarly, low hormones levels in a male are called hypogonadism. Its symptoms in male include hair fall and low muscle mass. A person going through this problem can also have a very low sexual agreement, and breast tissues can also grow abnormally.

Alcohol can cause your body’s testicle to damage due to trauma or the mumps. In some cases, males have too many testosterones in their blood, and they face many problems like early puberty and overactive thyroid. It can also cause a testicle and adrenal tumor.
There are specific drugs that can affect your hormone level very quickly and adversely. There is a very famous quotation that says Never hide anything from your Doctor or Lawyer because they both know how to get you out of the trouble. That is why you must tell your doctor about every medicine that you are consuming and even if its drug. Tell them.

A person will first clean the area with which they will pull your blood. This usually happens from the main vein of the elbow and upper side of the hand. They will tie an elastic around your arm so that it carries the blood flow to form a pool.
With that, they will probably insert a sterilized needle into your vein and pull few drops of blood into a tube. After collecting blood, they will apply abandage to your hand.

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