When you have decided that you want to add a dog to your family, then the next step that you have to ensure is where to buy the dog. You might want to go to a rescue center and find a dog that needs a home. However, if you have made your mind about buying a particular breed, then you should buy from a reputable breeder.

You should not just go out and find the cheapest breeder. You need to do your research and find a reputable breeder who has nurtured their dogs with great care and knows what they are doing in terms of feeding them and taking care of their health.

If you choosing the one without researching about their reputation and experience in their respective field in your location, then you are more likely to be promoting a person or company that doesn't look after their dogs and are being harsh to animals by breeding dogs that are going to have health problems.

Here are a few of the tips on finding reputable puppy breeders.

1. A Trustworthy breeder

If you have found a breeder and think that they are a good match for you, with the breed you want, then make sure that they are members of assured breeders. This will mean that they adhere to breeding guidance and that they look after their puppies. Their dogs will be healthy and are not wild to their animals.

2. Health Screening

Once you have found a breeder and they are members of assures schemes, for instance, AKC Certified, Bred with HEART, and equivalent certifications to this. Ask the puppy has gone through health screening first. A good breeder will have no problem doing this. Make sure the tests look for hip and eye problems, and generally anything that will help you predict the future health of the puppy.

3. Meet the puppy first

A genuine & legitimate breeder will let you meet the puppy first and with its mother. This is to make sure that the puppy is correctly raised and you will have a good idea of what the puppy will look like in the future.

4. Conditions

Ask to have a look at the conditions the puppy is living in. If the breeder is keeping the puppy in bad conditions or the puppy is unhappy, then report the breeder for animal cruelty and look elsewhere.

5. Guidelines

If you are a new dog owner, then you are able to ask the breeder for some guidance on the training of the puppy and generally towards the care of the dog. A breeder who worries about their pups will have no problem giving you this information. If they have a problem helping you, then you should look elsewhere.

6. Love for the dogs

You should make sure the breeder cares about the dogs and they are not just using them as cash machines. Ask to visit the dog breeder and see how their dogs live. A happy mother is what you are looking for. Generally, breeders who offer their dogs on the low are the ones that you should not consider. You should expect to pay a few thousand dollars for a healthy and well looked after dog. Respectable breeders are not just after quick earnings, they want their dogs to go to good places.

7. Lifetime contact

A good breeder will want to get to know you and where you live so that they know you will be a good owner. They will feel a responsibility to make sure you are suitable for their dog. They should want to keep in contact with you over the years and get some updates about the progress of the dog. Bad breeders are more likely to take your money and run and you will never see them again. So, ask if there is a way to keep in touch with them. They will most likely give you their email address and you should send them pictures and updates, a few times a year.

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