Is traveling to Maldives your dream? Here, we give you a sorted list of Hulhumale Hotel in Maldives which will make your dream turn into reality. Maldives is one of the destinations that is topping the travelers bucket list. If you are planning your honeymoon or spending some quality time with your loved ones then Maldives is no less. Maldives has turned out to be an economical destination since the government opened local islands for the travelers. Tourists can even plan their stay in the lavish guesthouses that are becoming prevalent in Maldives nowadays. We would like to suggest that the most appropriate island to stay near the international airport in Male is Hulhumale Maldives.

Meitian Inn

Meitian Inn is one of the budget friendly hotels in Hulhumale Maldives just a kilometre away from Hulhumale. Meitian Inn offers you all the amenities along with finger-licking dining, drinking and snacking. The hotel offers airport transfer, free WiFi, currency exchange facility and AC rooms. The nearby attractions from Meitian Inn are Presidential Jetty, artificial beach or you can even visit the local market of Male Island.

Newtown Inn

Planning to stay in one of the economical hotels in Hulhumale Maldives? Newtown Inn can be on your priority list. The hotel not only offers you all the amenities like airport transfer, free WiFi, currency exchange facility and AC rooms along with excellent dining, drinking and snacking. There are various nearby attractions from Meitian Inn like Hulhumale Island, Presidential Jetty, artificial beach or you can even visit People’s Majlis also known as The Parliament.

Hotel Ocean Grand at Hulhumale

If you want to get that luxury feel in Hulhumale Maldives then Ocean Grand is the best option for you. The hotel provides its guests with exceptional location and convenient city access thereby making it the finest choice to pick. Ocean Grand has some of the amazing dining, restaurants and even bars if you want to enjoy some drinks. You can even visit diverse places which are situated in close proximity with the hotel.

Simry Beachside Maldives Hotel

The Simry Beachside hotel in Hulhumale Maldives is one of the medium ranged hotels which you can choose to stay in. As the name suggests the hotel is situated near the beachside offering some of the most spectacular views. Travellers can pick their room as per their preference and budget from standard double, Superior twin, Double sea view or twin room with terrace.

Vista Beach Retreat

Vista Beach Retreat is one of the mid-range hotels in Hulhumale Maldives providing its guests with panoramic views of the beaches. This forms the main attraction for the travelers to stay in the beach retreat hotel in Hulhumale along with being budget friendly. The breakfast is also included in the stay and you can visit various nearby attractions making your trip a memorable one.

Planktons Beach

If you are in one of the hotels in Hulhumale Maldives then you must surely give a try to coffee which is the best on the island. Shell beans are a must try for the dinner at Planktons Beach hotel. Guests can even enjoy and relax by opting for a sauna bath and drinks at a mini bar offered by the hotel.

If you wish to get the vibe of the best island then you must plan your stay in one of the Hulhumale Hotel Maldives suggested above. You can also stay in a guesthouse or on the beach road as it will be convenient for you to visit the beach. Apart from the beach there are restaurants, café’s and water sports rentals which will enhance your stay in Hulhumale Hotel Maldives.

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