A lot of people are know about the stock market. But, most individuals remain unknown with words like "stock", "purchasing and selling of stocks", "stock market graphs, and "bulls and bears". Also the word "stock market" itself remains a subject of difficulty for those who don't have economic expertise. There are ages when they would scrape their heads in bewilderment whenever they catch their friends complain about the low rates of stocks on the market or if a partner suddenly gets a large surprise from his stock market investments. What maximum people are informed of is that the trading on the stock market can start to booming or bankrupt businesses if these companies have played the "stock market game" perfectly. Simply put, stocks are symbols of the company's assets and profits. If the company makes earnings from the stocks, this value is split yearly among the stockholders in the form of a dividend. As an example, if a company makes a profit of 100,000 this year, and it has 20 stockholders holding 1 stock each, the shareholders would receive a distribution of 5,000.

The Stock Market Defined

The stock market - also called the "stock exchange" - is a financial organization where? authorized brokers trade company stocks and other securities - including personally traded securities - that are allowed for trading by the exchange. Exchanges can happen physically or virtually. Brokers purchase and sell stocks based on the demands and requirements of the people and/or companies they serve.

The two kinds of stock markets are...

• Primary Stock Market = for the exchanging of Initial Public Offerings and other brand new issues by sellers and purchasers.

• Secondary Stock Market = for the exchanging of existent stocks in the market by purchasers and sellers

Common Stock Market Terms

Stock market "language" is nothing to be worried or feel daunted about. In order to know the trends in the stock market, you want to study certain commonly used terms and be capable to estimate stock market graphs. By taking the action to study the basics of the stock market, you will be changed into a knowledgeable investor and be capable to make good stock choices.

Let us catch a peek at some of the terms that you will most probable clash on the stock market...

Stock Rate = This is the price for which stocks are purchased and sold. Factors that straight result on stock values are the position and show of the company issuing the stocks. Another term compared to the stock value is the market capitalization - or just market cap - which is the stock value increased by the number of shares. Other factors that change stock values include current performance and increase and future growth. Let us put it in simpler words. If a company is performing badly in the stock market, their stock values decline in value. In contrast, if these companies are working well, you will see the stock values shoot up in price.

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