Bubble tea (originally called pearl milk tea) is still an incredibly popular drink worldwide. Surprisingly, many people have not yet tried the tea or have not understood exactly why it has become so popular. There are a variety of characteristics that make tea unique and ensure that it will remain a popular drink internationally.

What is tea?

Bubble tea can be divided into two distinct parts: tea and bubbles. Tea, like any other tea, can be found in a variety of flavors such as fruit, honey, or any flavored syrup. Tea can be served hot or cold depending on personal preference, although the most popular option is cold or frozen. Traditionally, it is made of black or green tea.

What are bubbles?

There is some debate about what the "bubble" refers to. Most people believe that the bubbles in the tea refer to the tapioca pearls at the bottom of the drink, which is not surprising since they are small, smooth, and round like bubbles. Many people describe them as having a rubbery texture that offers an excellent contrast to the sweet and silky texture of the tea.

Bubble Tea is healthy

Like coffee, bubble tea has the components to be healthy, but if you add too much sugar, it can quickly turn into a calorie-packed snack. Drinking sugar-free black and green tea offers a number of health benefits, but flavored syrups quickly add calories. A great way to ensure bubble is a healthy option is to opt for fresh fruit instead of flavored syrup and switch from cream or half and half to soy or skim milk. https://www.barpatea.com/shopv

The 2 Most Popular Beginner Bubble Tea Flavors

Anyone who has not tried the tea before can quickly be overwhelmed by the number of flavors available. Fortunately, there are some easy places to start.

· The original or with milk

The best place to start is the classic bubble tea. It is made from black tea and tapioca pearls. It is ideal for anyone who enjoys sugar-free black tea. For people who don't enjoy the flavors of black tea, trying milk tea is a great option. It is the same as the original but will have the added creaminess of dairy.

· Favorite fruit or another natural sweetener

Another great place to start, especially for those who enjoy sweeter teas, is with their favorite fruit. Similar to the classic bubble tea, this option is excellent with or without milk. Anyone who is not a fan of fruit can go for another natural sweetener like honey.

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Bubble tea (originally called pearl milk tea) is still an incredibly popular drink worldwide.