An average American family spends more than 30% of its annual income for housing. There are families who have only one earning member and such families find it difficult to meet their requirements after paying house rent. The cost of rental homes has increased to manifold due to economic expansion but average families have not seen any appreciation in their income. This situation clearly states that an average American family is not capable of buying its own home without any financial assistance. But average Americans need not to worry as they can get grants for home and buy affordable homes for their families.

Grants for home provide real help to average American families for whom buying a home is a distant dream. Real estate prices are increasing at a fast pace in the post recession period. Property developers are busy constructing sprawling condo complexes and they take little interest in construction affordable housing for the poor and downtrodden. US federal government can’t take the job of constructing homes for poor but it can help poor families buy an affordable house in an ideal location. The government provides free money to average families and the good thing is that plenty of money is set aside by the government to give in grants to average families.

The US Department of Housing and Urban Development offers financial assistance to families looking for grants for home. The department provides grants under its various programs like HOME program. One can check HUD.Gov for home grants. This portal provides authentic and latest information on US federal government home grants programs. The portal also provides grant applications that can be downloaded for future use. Also one can apply for a home grant directly from the pages of the portal. US federal government is determined to help families raise their living standards and this is evident from various home grants, it provides from time to time.

Grants for home are available from private sector as well. Big corporate houses and business families understand their social responsibility and this evident from private foundations that provide home grants. The Anne and Henry Zarrow Foundation, the Maxine and Jack Zarrow Family Foundation and the Brainbridge Community Foundation and Cemala Foundation are some of the popular private foundations that provide financial assistance to average families seeking home grants. The grant money is free money and one needs not to worry about repaying the grant.

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