Materials made with semi-finished plastic are being given shape by professionals using a process called plastic welding. Now, there are several types of plastic welding and here we will take a look at some of them in detail. So, if you are in Brisbane or Gold Coast, and want to get some plastic materials crafted, go through this article to get an idea of the different welding techniques.

  • The heat sealing method

This method falls under the category of the hot gas welding method and when it comes to plastic welding, this technique is used for sealing thermoplastic using heat and pressure. This method is mostly used for sealing the LCD screens with the PCBs in electronic appliances. Sometimes, adhesives are also used in this method to join the two thermoplastic parts efficiently.

The hot gas welding is carried out by a heat gun that shoots hot air to soften the ends of the plastic so that they can be joined easily. It is used in the manufacturing process of water and chemical tanks, plumbing fittings, etc.

  • The speed welding method

In this method, the welding is being carried out with a feed tube that is fitted to the welding rod. This method is very similar to the soldering process. The substrate and the rod is being heated up by the speed tip that leads to the joining of the different plastic parts.

This method is highly used in welding polypropylene and other types of plastic. Moreover, since welding can be completed much faster, it is being used in several industrial areas at large.

The speed tip that is used for this type of welding is flat and is a type of soldering iron that can easily help in attaching as well as detaching plastics.

  • The extrusion welding method

Many companies providing plastic welding in Brisbane use this method where the professionals can accomplish bigger welds easily. Additionally, by using this method it is possible to join thick materials seamlessly.

This welding process is done using a plastic extruder device and a heat gun. To carry out extrusion welding, experience in welding is required. So, only the best professionals provide this service.

  • The contact welding method

In this method, the welding of the plastic materials is being carried out with the help of pincher tips. The plastic materials are sealed by bringing them close to one another and then supplying the heat through the pincher by a process called thermal conduction.

  • The hot plate welding method

This method is mostly used by professionals for joining large parts of varying geometrical shapes. The professionals carrying out the plastic welding in Gold Coast use hot plates to soften the plastic surfaces to join them easily.

After the joining is over, they remove the hot plate so that the surfaces solidify and form the desired shapes. This method is mostly used in automotive industries or for developing specific equipment to be used in industrial areas.

  • The IR welding method

This welding process is also called the non-contact method since infrared is used as a source of heat to soften the plastic and then join them to achieve the desired shape.

Apart from these, there are other welding methods too used by professional welders and we will discuss them in detail in our next article.

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The author is the owner of a company that provides plastic welding services in Brisbane and Gold Coast using different tools and methods to complete the welding quickly and efficiently.