Taking a leap ahead from OOH marketing, DOOH proceeds one notch ahead with digitization of billboard, where through enigmatic presence and personalized attribute this medium has triumph and captivated the hearts of millions at across the world.

Thus let’s have a close look at the various dimensions of DOOH

As these digital ads are equipped with real time projections and taking the pace with technology in the world of advertisement, they have replaced the traditional forms of public places advertisements. Moreover, taking the advantage of time and weather, ads can be posted. For instance placing the ad of soup in the cold afternoon or vanilla ice cream at scorching heat of the sun connecting directly with the audience at the right time is the key to appropriate expression here.

They have preceded the demands of traditional OOH. And due to its attractiveness, it’s growing with the faster and seamless speed. It plays immensely well with display ads. But yes in order to have gainful true success in this front one requires creativity and potentially innovative creation to win the hearts of the audience.

The superior fact about DOOH is that they are not static instead within the allotted period of time they can have several ads as per the recent changes and development. In contrary to the traditional OOH which has the same ads placed for the same time period. And with this exciting turn around DOOH is the ultimate reality and has influenced the market.


DOOH ads have different sets and pattern for ads pricing. And in comparison to rightly assessing the responses and traffic, it’s difficult to draw the right conclusion and information from it. And its bit tricky to assess whether the individual passing from the particular ad has seen the ad or not through the facial expression, and there lays the considerable drawback with DOOH. Unlike online ads they are not direct and calculative. And on top of it the cost of DOOH doesn’t come so cheap.

Successful Implementation of DOOH

There are several countries that have advantageously utilized the prospects of DOOH where they have placed the billboard beside the sigh board so that the vulnerability of an ad to be seen comes to maximum, a best way of grabbing maximum benefit through airport advertising.

Additionally, the display board where the scores are presented serves the ultimate location for ads to be seen.

The welcome gate or the live weather forecast board they all serve the superb site for placement of DOOH billboard, where there are lesser prospects that the ad would go missed. Unlike the other platforms where targeting audience is the key DOOH doesn’t find the leverage in this front. Therefore for satisfying experience contact the airport advertising agency.

Future Ahead

This happens to be the beginning of DOOH, and with time this medium is too going to be competitive with major leaders in the domain. Beating the challenges and odds DOOH has gained appreciation and presence at almost every public destination.

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