Virtual reality is revolutionizing many industries. The real estate industry is not an exception. This is the domain where virtual reality, especially 3D virtual walkthrough promises immense and unparalleled growth.

If implemented prudently, it can bring a great transformation in the way traditional real estate industry functions. Thus, being a real estate agent, you must always be updated with the latest trends in virtual reality to get optimum benefits. Especially, 3D virtual tours in the real estate sector offer countless benefits.

However, before talking about these benefits, let’s first have a brief idea about what a 3D virtual tour actually is.

What is a 3D Virtual Tour?

Virtual tours show property through a series of panoramic images, sometimes along with few other multimedia elements such as text, voice narration, and sound effects. Through a 3D virtual tour, real estate agents can show a property online in the most realistic and immersive way with detailed precision, enabling viewers to feel like they are actually present at the site.

The buyers can explore every inch of a property without even really being there. By offering such a convenient option to buyers, real estate agents can win more business, grab a solid position as a technology leader, and stand out in a competitive market.

Benefits of Virtual Tours

Better client engagement

With a 3D virtual tour, you let your clients get to see the nitty-gritty of property without physically visiting the location. Clints can fix a virtual visit at their own convenient time and place.

Moreover, if they like the tours, they can even share these with their friends and family through social media. This way you get to reach more potential buyers and engage with them. You can also add virtual tours of all the properties listed in your website to attract more audience.

Time saver

After adding a new property in your real estate website, you might expect many phone calls and emails from your potential buyers. But answering every call or replying to each mail can be time-consuming.
Moreover during this COVID-19 pandemic, personally meeting all the potential clients should be avoided. Above all, not all who query about a property have serious intention to buy. So, spending time on them is a real wastage.

However, with a 3D virtual tour, you let your potential clients see a property from their own devices. This way, only the ones who are actually interested will give you a call and enquire more details. As a result, you can save tons of time which can be spent on focusing on other aspects of your business.


Creating a 3D virtual tour does not require tons of money and advanced expertise. With panoramic camera footages, computer graphics, tools, plugins, and basic rendering, making a proper 3D virtual tour of a property is quite easy today. You can check this inexpensive virtual tour software for real estate

There is no need to hire an expensive camera crew or production house to make such virtual tours. Therefore, this is definitely a cost-effective option.

Improved loyalty & recognition

By showing a virtual tour for a property, you can attract more clients towards your service. A 3D virtual tour gives them a convenient option to check the property in detail at any time without visiting the site. Thus they start loving your way of working and keep coming back to you whenever needed.

And when you understand your prospective clients’ needs, gaining customer loyalty and creating brand recognition becomes easier for you.

Increased sales

9 in 10 buyers come back to their real estate agent or recommend their agent to others. When you can show yourself trustworthy and recognized, sales will eventually increase. A real estate website having 3D virtual tours for all properties always have a better conversion rate as compared to the platforms that have only 2D images.

Other than a website, you can show the virtual tours to your social media pages, Youtube channel, and Google Business View. This way, your business will get noticed online, increase your probability to get more clients, and boost sales.

Final thoughts,

Needless to say, virtual reality has already started revolutionizing the real estate industry. Using this technology to show clients a 3D tour of a property can save tons of time.

Virtual reality is here to stay, and especially in the current pandemic situation when everyone is giving importance to social distancing, 3D virtual tours in real estate will surely become more popular.

So, choose the best tools, and create awesome virtual tours and add them to your property listing website to make your business stand out, get more visitors, and improve conversion.

Author's Bio: 

Sandeep Rathore is a freelance writer and the founder of QuickScream, a platform to learn online marketing. He co-founded DoQuickly, a portal that offers easy-to-follow tips to do things quickly.

He regularly contributes to leading online publications, such as Entrepreneur, Small Business Trends, Business 2 Community, Social Media Today, and many more.