A rental lease agreement has an outline of all the necessary rules that a landlord and the tenant agree upon. However, there’re a lot of essential details one needs to be acquainted with before and while preparing to draft and give effect to an online rental lease agreement. Here’s all you would need to know and do for preparing a rental lease agreement.

You have verbally agreed upon with your tenant over the necessary details like occupancy dates, rent amount, deposits, etc. Now, it’s time to get legal recognition for the same.

Detailing of a rental lease agreement

As already mentioned, a rental lease agreement is an outlining of rules agreed upon. The agreement is made up of many different sections. Ten of the essential sections you need to check for include –

  • A mention of all tenants’ names
  • Specify limits for occupancy, if proposed by the landlord
  • The term for which this tenancy would last
  • The rent agreed upon by both the parties
  • A mention of all necessary fees and deposits
  • A clause with details outlining maintenance and repair agreement
  • The limitation of tenant’s right over rented property
  • Stated restriction for any illegal activity
  • The agreement for pets
  • A mention of any other restrictions, if any

These details would help resolve any dispute that arises between the two parties during the term of tenancy.

Why should you go for an online rental lease agreement?

Today, most of the legal documentation processes can be done through the online mode. Similarly, you can also get a rental lease agreement drafted through this process. There’s not one but many reasons that bat for the online option. Here’s a list –

  • Drafting an online agreement is quick
  • Equally useful than its pen-paper counterpart
  • Saves a lot of time and money, thus, making it cost-effective too
  • It is much easier to draft an agreement online through a template than to do it manually
  • You also save a lot of paper that goes wasted in creating a hardcopy of this agreement

To sum up, online mode is a simple yet effective option. Thus, if the parties are more keen towards bringing in effect the tenancy than getting stuck in the formality, they should go for an online rental lease agreement. For this, you will have to approach an online legal solutions provider who gets your agreement ready quickly, easily and with accuracy.

How to choose a legal solutions provider?

An online service provider gets your documentation done with the ease of a few clicks. All you need to do is approach them with the requirement. Nevertheless, the tough part is about deciding which service provider to choose.

Take these points into consideration while choosing one –

  • They should carry a reasonable amount of experience in preparing the agreement.
  • The process should be minimally completed in 3 to 4 steps. Anything more than that does not fulfil the purpose of an online mode.
  • They should offer an option where their executive offers doorstep services.

A service provider that meets these essential requirements should be the one to go for.

Now, when you have all the details at hand related to an online rental lease agreement, why wait? Look out for the best legal solutions provider and get an official tag for the agreement.


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