When you sign up for an online community college class, you participate in a great new way to accelerate your degree program. Rather than going to an on-campus classroom, you take classes using your internet connection. Online classes have specific starting and ending dates and you will have assignments that have to be submitted online by deadlines specified by your instructor. You will have online class meetings at certain times, and you should try to "attend" as many of them as possible, but you can log in and complete or submit work at the time that works best for you. Taking an online community college course is not for everyone, however. You should be self-disciplined and motivated and should be comfortable communicating in writing.

Online Classes Can Be Very Interactive

Many students who sign up for an online community college course don't realize how interactive online classes can be. During your online class sessions, you and other students will post questions and comments, and "discuss" assignments and concepts you are learning. For students who are shy about speaking up in a traditional classroom setting, this can be a real advantage. Many shy people find it easier to share opinions and insights in an online classroom than a traditional one.

Sometimes Getting Answers Takes Time

If you are working on an assignment for an online class, you may have a question for your instructor, and you will have to submit your question using email or some other online communication method. It may take time for your instructor to get back to you with an answer, depending on how often he or she checks in online. But if you're able to complete other parts of your assignments, you should go ahead and do that so that you don't get behind from waiting around for an answer. Another option is communicating with another class member about the concept you're having difficulty with.

Working People, Parents, and Remote Learners

A traditional community college schedule doesn't work well for everyone, but online classes open up learning to many more people, including those who work full time, parents of young children, and students who live too far from campus to make commuting a practical choice. And sometimes students who take traditional classes choose to take one or more online classes for scheduling reasons, or just because they like online classes.

Find Out About Online Attendance Policies

When you sign up for an online college class, make sure you are absolutely certain about whether there will be on-campus labs you'll have to attend and whether you will have to take proctored exams on campus. Some online classes have tests that are taken online, and some do not. If you have to take proctored exams on campus, drive to the test taking location once before you have to take your exam so you can gauge how much travel time to allow. If you're self-motivated and have a schedule that won't allow you to take classes in person, online classes can be a great way to continue working toward your degree.

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When you take an online community college class, you have the opportunity to accelerate your degree program. That’s because you won’t have to go at the slow pace of a classroom, but can go through the courses at your own pace. To find the ideal online community college course for you, go to straighterline.com and get started on your degree.