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Summer is here and so are the hot and humid conditions in this season. This is the part of the year when most schools and colleges close down for a good month or two. But still the urge to go for a trip and find some adventure comes into a person’s mind. Braving all odds and mainly the soaring conditions. But there are people who do find themselves in a pickle because of some factor which they overlook.
Some ignore it, some try to overcome it with some quick fix methods which do work, but only for a short duration of time and they do tend to fall short and ultimately come back to square one.

Smelly Foot

The worst of all, the enemy of a confident person, smelly foot can really destroy a person’s morale and confidence and bring them down to hating this part about their dressing. Generally, foot odour comes because of the bacteria which remains trapped in the shoe because of perspiration or sweat in the shoe. The shoe, because its usually closed and doesn’t get enough air to breath, causes these bacteria and certain fungi do tend to grow in your shoe, causing it to reek and produce the most devastating smell you’ve ceased to smell.

Who are affected?

Personally, the only shoe on which I had odour, was those big, bawdy leather boots that I own. Reasons are mainly because they are heavy leather, and it usually heats up inside the shoe and hence the smell. It is usually not the case that it keeps smelling bad when you wear it, but the smell does make its way out when it is removed. The only way I could counter this was by keeping the shoe out to dry in the sun. but that lead to the shoe hardening so bad, that I couldn’t easily wear it when necessary.

Then comes the gym goers and the frequent runners. They have those lightweight, spring sole shoes which are supposedly helps the “feet breath”. But, the reality of the matter is that those shoes too are a victim of sweat and its horrible outcome. Smelly feet.
So much for letting the “feet breath”.

Now what?

Defeated, embarrassed and desperate for solutions to counter this problem, starts the search for a better product to eliminate this problem. Vowing to anyhow eliminate the problem, you are introduced to the world of foot sprays and specific products which promise to take away all the smelly problems you encounter.

Enter Foot Spray:

What are they exactly? As the heading suggests, it’s a spray which basically makes sure that your shoe does smell bad. All you need to do is to spray it inside the shoes, somewhere near the sole of the shoe. Not only does it help in reducing smelly shoes, it helps in moisturising the feet. Win-Win situation for you. Some classic example is to get a spray, preferably an Odor eaters foot spray which helps in countering the shoe odour in your shoe by killing the bacteria and making sure that the shoe feels as well as smells fresh.
Talk about killing two birds with a stone, am I right?

Foot powders too work:

Now that we know what a spray does, lets take the plunge to another category of solutions, which is mainly the odour eliminating powder. They do work in the same way as the sprays do, but they cover up the bacteria and fungi, which in turn helps the shoes smell great and as an added bonus, helps your feet smell great. But there is a catch. At least according to me, there is one. What is it exactly you ask? Here it is.
Powders do work in the same way as sprays do. True. But I personally do not like the way they feel once you wear the shoe after you apply the powder. They feel soft after you apply, which enhances the feel you get when you walk, but when the time comes when you would have to run, they feel slippery and it isn’t that confident inspiring as much as the Odor eaters foot and sneaker spray work in a subtle way.
Odor eaters foot spray let’s you do what you have to do, without the squishy and slippery way the powder makes you feel while running. And powders are definitely not the way to go for those frequent runners and cardio enthusiasts.

Slightly more expensive method is to go for shoe insoles

For those who are less interested to go for powders and Odor eaters foot spray can go more towards a permanent solution like the shoe insoles which are specifically used for those who are interested in long term reliability and less spraying. Usually recommended for athletes, it helps in providing smell-free shoes.

But, note to self, they are expensive. Go for whatever floats your boat, mate.

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