Many unusual things have occurred in my lifetime. I feel it began with the Near Death Experience I had while I was having my tonsils removed just before my forth birthday. I had a lengthy visit to a most wonderful place I did not wish to return from. That is all in my new book out, entitled, There Is Love, My Near Death Experience And Beyond.

Today I am here to explain that it is my own personal experience that you do not necessarily have to be in a life threatening situation to leave your body and visit other dimensions or even loved ones who have passed on. In fact it is my own belief that during deep sleep many journeys are not only possible but quite common. Unfortunately most of these journeys are not remembered. They may be something that our soul needs at the time, but our consciousness is just too busy with the activities of daily life to hold on to. There may also be the fact that if remembered these events would not be believed as real and may be just noted as a vivid dream. We limit ourselves by the many beliefs we have picked up over time.

When I was thirty years old I had an OBE, out of body experience, during a typical nights sleep. It was remarkable in so many ways. It was not only my OBE it was a joint OBE with my mother. Several years before this time my grandmother, my mother’s mom, had passed away. The three of us had been very close. This particular night, my mother and I both found ourselves in what I can only call the heavenly realm. My grandmother was with us and we were having a wonderful visit. It was a colorful and light filled place. There was busy activity of others but we were only focused on the three of us. It was my mother who began reminiscing about when I was a young child and the fun days we had had together at my grandparents rural home. I believe that it was my grandmother who told us that if we all agreed, we could actually relive a lovely summer day that we had together many years ago when I was about three years old.

I was reluctant at first, probably because I had to return to the young age of three.

“Oh, it will be so much fun,” my mom persuaded.

The day would only seem like it was a few moments upon return, even though it would have to be lived each moment, exactly as it had been that original time. We all agreed to the re-live of that summer day.

We were suddenly all back in time and it was exactly like before, only there was an appreciation that perhaps was missed the first time. It was a perfect day to remember. I was running barefoot around the large acre property at my grandparents. It had always been my favorite of places as a child. My grandmother’s green thumb was apparent everywhere. There were apple trees, a cherry tree, many berry bushes and a large vegetable garden. It was a beautiful warm day and I had just a tee-shirt and shorts on and was so content. I played on the special swing my grandfather had made for me that was tied to a very high branch in a large maple tree beside the stone hedge. It had a wooden seat and because it was tied to a large branch so high up it swung in about a fifteen foot sweep. I could lean back and pump my legs and look up at the large branches of leaves that were a perfect canopy overhead. Just a few feet away from the swing was a large sand box that my younger brother and I spent many hours playing in. This was the best place in the world to me.

My mom and grandmother had cups of coffee outside and I joined them eventually in the shelling of fresh peas from the garden. I learned quickly how to shell and tasted the raw peas. They were so good. Everything always seemed so magical when I was there. I had been so blessed to have such a place in my life.

When enough of the day had been relived in that summer day, we just found ourselves back the three us together again in the light filled realm of heaven. We laughed and talked about that relived day and how much fun it had been. We had a lovely time chatting and catching up.

I suddenly saw that there was a sweet calico cat, mostly white, that seemed to be very happy to see me. She was crawling up on me and was so affectionate. I was a little confused as to why she was so happy and wanting of my attention. She just didn’t want me to let her go. I ask about her a few times and no one really said much. After about the third time I asked with such a confused and demanding tone, it was my mom that answered.

“Its because she is your cat,” she stated.

“But…that’s not right, I don’t have a cat…” again I was confused or someone was.

“Well she will be, you just don’t have her yet,” my mother explained finally to me.

“Oh, okay, I guess that made sense.

And then it was time that we had to return. I awoke to a new day in my life at thirty years old. My life then was a husband and three children. I ran home daycare and was extremely busy. This nocturnal adventure was a faded memory until recent times and it slowly crept back in to my focus to be examined.

Why do I feel that this was a real and true event and not just a dream? That is a good question. But the answer is also good. I was having trouble piecing the timeline together. I could focus in quiet time and bring up what there was of this memory and it was so vivid and tangible. I know we were actually there. The most convincing thing was that the cat we eventually came to have was the key to me knowing when this happened and that it did actually happen. She came into our lives the week that my youngest son was to have his tonsils out. Mothers just remember those details. My mom who has passed on not long after that time was still with us when we got our cat. So she was out of body with me on the visit to my grandmother. I did not recognize our cat on the journey because it hadn’t happened yet. She came to us we did not pick her out. My daughter found her as a young kitten that had been lost and was wet and sick. She was mostly white calico. We nursed her and she was a wonderful and well loved pet for many years.

I consider this just one of the likely many night time journeys I have had. One I can actually remember. I try to keep an open mind, that all is possible and we can only begin to understand these mystical realms and dimensions that make up our universe and our consciousness. The best thing we can do is enjoy the experience and believe that life itself is magical.

~ Debora Christy Love

Author's Bio: 

Debora Christy Love
A near death experience at a young age began Debora's awakened spiritual journey. Debora is clairvoyant and tunes in to energy fields and spirit for messages that will assist you in your daily life. Working at their home business of Barrie Spiritual, Services & Classes, Debora shares spiritual insight in her client readings and empowers others to be happy, healthy and free within themselves. Debora is a certified Hypnotist and Past Life Regressionist. Debora also practices as a Quantum Touch practitioner and Reiki Master, Teacher. Debora enjoys creating art and music. Her music and song album Love Will Find A Way is available where music downloads are available and is author of There Is Love, My Near Death Experience And Beyond, Available on Amazon, both paperback and kindle.