How do you find your way back to YOUR DREAMS once you believe you’ve lost your potential to achieve them? How is it that you misplaced them to begin with? Are you at cause or effect? Did someone cause you to effectively lose faith in your ability to go after your dreams? Is that really true? Did you digress to childhood memories where feelings of inadequacy are resurfacing? Is it that you think you are undeserving of success so you repeat a familiar history of self sabotage?
When will this cycle end you wonder? When is it that you will feel it is your turn to BELIEVE IN YOURSELF instead of being a supporting role for someone else’s dreams? How does one even begin to stop their desperate sense of misplaced confidence? By KNOWING you can change. ACCEPTING that you can do so and how you have the ABILITY to do so right NOW.
What is happening right now? Is it your thoughts are putting up their defenses by supplying excuses to prevent you making that CHANGE? Do any of the following words echo your inner voice? Easy for you to say? I can’t just decide to change and it IMMEDIATELY happens? I’m not good enough. You don’t know me. Who are you to tell me what I CAN do? How can you believe in me when I can’t BELIEVE IN MYSELF? I don’t know how to improve myself!
There. That in itself is great progress. Let me share. The fact you are reading this, means you are ready to STEP in the DIRECTION of your SELF. How you have ambitions to change the direction of your life path. To THRIVE instead of just exist. To live life versus just survive. To see a future of fulfillment, hear your optimistic voice, and feel your inner being immersed in possibility. Anyone, and everyone, can do this. Including me. Including you. Change happens in an instant. START NOW.
Surround yourself with positive energy. Accept and listen to the good. See in yourself what other people see in you. The ones that sincerely do. Be that person. You can be that person. If they can see it, YOU CAN be it. Stop self doubting. Do self BELIEVE.
How would it be if you were that person you will to be right now. Feel how your CONFIDENCE would RADIATE as you see yourself in the future looking back on you now. What would you say to you in the past now on what it is you did to be the person you became?
You likely said that to get to where you arrived was EASIER than you ever would have imagined. How the JOY felt from ATTAINING that goal, is indescribable. That hearing the voices saying CONGRATULATIONS, we knew you could do it, made you realize that you were able to not only have the joy for yourself, you were able to share it. What an incredible sensation to look FORWARD to infecting others with. Yes, YOU ARE the person sharing your future secrets, and SUCCESSES with yourself. All you have to do is catch up with You. You’re waiting in the future. How soon will you be what you have already saw, heard, and felt? The whispers, visions, and gut feelings, ARE your truth.
Change happens in an instant. The future YOU, wants to be in your yesterday. It always gets better. You KNOW that, don’t you?

Author's Bio: 

Joanne Vermeulen is a Trainer and Master Practitioner of Neuro Linguistic Programming, and Hypnotherapy residing in Scheveningen, The Netherlands. She is currently finishing her first novel, and has a home business offering life-changing NLP Breakthrough Sessions.