One repetition Maximum, popularly known as 1-rep max is a measure of strength used in physical wellness programs and sports like weightlifting and power lifting. More accurately it is the heaviest weight you can lift at a go in an exercise. It is an essential component of many strength training programs used by sports men and women as well as others interested in maintaining a good and healthy body.

It is highly recommended that a lifter establishes their one repetition maximum in order to determine their strength level before embarking on a strength training program. In effect, the results of such a test will determine how much weight you are capable of lifting at a go. This is important in order to craft a weight lifting program based around these maximal weights.

There are two formulas in common usage when calculating ones one rep max. They are known as the Epley and Brzycki formulas. The one that is appropriate for you will depend on the weight training protocol you are undergoing. You can use applications and calculators found on health and wellness websites to determine your one repetition maximum.

The justification for getting a precise value for the maximum weight one can lift is the need for precision in training. Precision is an important component in such programs in addition to consistency and effort. One rep max values are also important in order to determine the load settings in a weight or power lifting exercise program.

Getting an accurate one rep measure is also important in order to determine and mark progress in a strength training program as well as show how effectively the goals set are being achieved. It also enables the trainer to rank muscular strength based on standard norms. These norms are used in determining a trainee's relative strength ratio. This is done by dividing the total amount weight lifted in a one repetition maximum by their body weight.

The main advantage behind one rep max weight testing is that no special equipment is required. The lifter or trainee uses free weights. Due to its effectiveness and practical advantages the method is widely acknowledged as the method of choice for strength testing by personal trainers all over the world.

As a motivating factor, one repetition maximum is considered above par to other approaches. Invariably, lifters attain a feeling of accomplishment once they see the result of one maximum lift. In effect, the value represents a benchmark that the lifter will commit to achieve as they go ahead with their strength training and weight lifting exercises.

Before performing a one rep max test, it is important to be well prepared. Begin by warming up thoroughly using an approach you have found to be effective for your body. It is also expedient to have a training partner with you who can help in spotting as you lift. For the best effect, leave at least an entire day between lifting weights and the strength test. This will ensure that your body is at an optimal status to help you achieve the heaviest lift possible. For More Information Please Go: There You Receive A Healthy Food List.

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