Aggressive driving, which involves improper and inappropriate operation of a motor vehicle with the intent to harm or frighten other people, has become more and more usual in current years. The question of ‘why’ is not usually talked about. However, it's essential to acknowledge that aggressive driving is not only an act of being hostile.

It could also mean tailgating, weaving in and around lanes, overspeeding, crowding up intersections whenever the light change or ignoring to signal a change of lanes. In addition, another probable explanation will be the egoistic need to prove or test one’s masculinity, power and control on the road. Thus, what you might view as an act of aggressive driving is what another individual might regard as simply showing off, competing or racing.

Nevertheless, it's also possible to act in a certain way which would help avoid those aggressive drivers from focusing on you and your driving. There are actually a myriad of ways and means of checking yourself prior to getting into your wheels, which could oftentimes result to a calm and safe driving, and therefore, a light and easier trip.

For one thing, always try to leave early for your work, classes, schedules and appointments. Bear in mind to plan your route or itinerary the night before, even though it is already somewhere which you’ve been before. If you figure in time for a stopover to get some gas, lunch, pee, coffee or getting lost, then you are more likely to arrive at your destinations promptly, and in a favorable mood.

Remember the simple expression of “it is not always about me.” Drivers are not isolated machines, but they are humans, in the first place. So it is very important to understand that numerous individuals are facing or encountering situations and circumstances beyond their control. A barking pet, a loved one in the hospital, hysterically crying kids, being late for a flight—the possibilities are unlimited.

Take note of these eventual scenarios if ever somebody hits their brakes or cuts you off on the road. Moreover, think about certain effects or influences of the music you listen to on your overall mood. Try to listen to talk radio, smooth jazz or classical music. It can be pleasing, but less likely to work you up, as rap music or heavy metal might not typically prove helpful to an average driver, though they may be enjoyable.

Consequently, always bear in mind that several insurance companies and states are starting to offer some incentives to drivers who constantly maintain their cool. There are law enforcers just around the corner checking out for aggressive drivers, and are ready to ticket them when they get caught. Not to mention that there are some insurance companies that offer cost-breaks or reimbursements to customers who go a particular amount of time with no aggression-related vehicular accidents.

Also remember that kindness and respect are virtues that take you far in any aspects in your life—especially driving! Hence, let somebody merge into your lane if they have to, show remorse if you cut someone off and stop at signs and red lights.

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