I was checking on the results of my having a registered domain for my websites, which you can sync together, so that one site doesn't have your web address, and another doesn't. While doing this I saw that my websites were not synced and the ones that weren't either did not appear online at all or they had a generic website on them that didn't recognize me at all. I went in and synced them under my registered domain and it showed it to have been done correctly and that my site's articles will all have actual names on them, within a day or two. While doing this however, I saw a site that said it had all the incidents that happened in my lifetime, that I committed or that simply occurred. I knew instantly that it was a scam site and as I browsed I saw several similar ones online as well.

This is simply a side-thought, but my wife will recall that many years ago I stated that legal-field, online moderators should be taking down these scam sites that are hurting many people. Too much attack posting toward others, had also come to the point of non-moderation, that you would hear of suicides occurring because of it. Many of these sites either no longer exist or that now have a much stricter moderation in place. This is not done to the point of calling it "censorship", which is a ridiculous definition of moderating freedom of speech and expression.

I say again that if perpetrators of such rumors, use them to sell a "service", they need to be held accountable for doing so. While we have freedom of speech, see what happens if you write, or verbally proclaim that you're going to carry out a deadly attack on a person or persons. You will find yourself inside the walls of a prison in very short order. If you walk down public streets in your birthday suit, this too will send you to jail quickly and label you as a "sex offender" for life (plus there are much worse sex crimes that can be committed). Now following this paragraph, read the warning I gave to friends I have on social media and ask yourself; "Can it be implied strongly that a person has committed a heinous crime, including becoming labeled a sex offender for life, when these things are not even remotely true"? And, all of this is done to sell a service that investigates anyone's life you choose to investigate!? NOW: following is that warning I gave to my social media family and friends. - - - -

"Hey Folks, just a heads up regarding SCAM companies, who claim they have juicy information on you (negative things). The dishonesty part comes in where they show "incarceration and public records" and then a separate "liens and bankruptcies". Both shown in an ominous red. I went through the whole "life check" and at the end they gave a very vague revelation as to what these things are; Simply showing an "incarceration/public record" was found and a "bankruptcy/lien". This is absolute defamation because I have never served a day in jail (they even say there could be a sex offender crime). The only thing that occurred was a bankruptcy as I awaited my Medicare to kick-in (takes one year after Social Security starts). I had heart disease (yet to be diagnosed) and the same with restrictive/COPD lung disease, diabetes, autoimmune thyroid disease and arthritic spine, knees and feet (e.g. herniated disc in spine, fasciitis spurs in feet and stage 4 cartilage loss in right knee). All these required MRIs, Batteries of Blood Tests, CT Scans and operations. I THANK GOD for Medicare. It was either that or I might have already gone-on to be with the Lord.

I realize some reports are public record, but these scam personal information companies are misrepresenting people's backgrounds terribly, and there are dozens of them doing this. All I had was the one bankruptcy, but they love to make the PAID SERVICE as appealing to people as possible. They say things like "BEWARE there may be some vital information you'll see on the person you're investigating". They place the words "SEX OFFENDER" in their scam, even if it does not apply to the person being investigated. This is outrageous and almost certainly against the law. I have considered notifying the "IC3" - (online FBI) to investigate these companies. In the meantime I wanted to warn others to avoid these scam-websites if that is even remotely possible to do any longer.

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I self-marketed several inventions for a time (1990 and decades forward), getting them into Wal-Marts regionally, and into Bass Pro Shops, who carried the main product for 24 years under our small corporation (from 1991 to 2014) - the current year being 2019. But, they now have their own version after many years following our own patent expiring. Their having marketed it from year 2006 to present, while paying my corporation royalties for sales of the main invention "The Rod Floater". It has been marketed by the now conglomerated corporation - "TTI-BLAKEMORE, Inc.". I was featured in the May/June 2001 issue of Inventors Digest magazine for coming up with the new product idea, plus 5 others; patenting two of them. I have also published many books in paperback, eBook and Audiobook and in some of these, I relate my experiences in content website writing and book authoring.