Yahoo is regarded as the best emailing platform that is used by tons of people around the globe. It offers tons of great features and filters along with a great user interface that makes it quite easy for the users to access and manage their emails.

Apart from all the good things, Yahoo also has a few problems of its own. Tons of users face the Yahoo mail not working error daily. If you are one of those users, read the blog till the end to know all about the solution to this error.

But before we get into that, let us look into some of the common errors that Yahoo users face daily.

● Can't sign in to Yahoo mail
● Yahoo mail is not working
● An incorrect username was entered
● Someone tries to sign in from a new location
● Locked out of your Yahoo account
● The sign-in screen keeps reappearing
● Unable to send emails from Yahoo

Steps to fix Yahoo mail login problems

1. Checking the internet-You will need a strong and stable internet connection if you ever need to access your Yahoo mail account. If you do not have a strong and stable connection, you won’t be able to log in to your email account so keep in mind to check this before you try to look for other errors.

2. Checking the server- Is Yahoo mail down today? Well, you heard it right, the email servers of Yahoo may be down which in turn can restrict you from accessing your mail account. You need to make sure of the fact that the servers are online, if they are not, then you can only wait it out till the servers are back online. You can check the status of the servers on third party sites like the down detector since Yahoo does not have a public page.

3. Incorrect username or password-You may face this login error in case you enter your email address or password. This may seem quite stupid but it is one of the most common errors. Most people even forget their password at times which causes them severe trouble but Yahoo can help you with that as they offer you a simple way to recover your email password. You can just follow the on-screen instructions to recover your email password.

4. The account got hacked-This might be a bit of a problem for the users in case their account gets hacked. In case the password has been changed by the hacker, you will never be able to access your email account. Although you can still try to recover your account by using the recovery information that is available to get your account back in no time.

5. A locked account-The emailing service may lock you out of your account after several failed login attempts to secure your info. Someone else may try to access your mail account which can lead to this error. The platform thinks of the user as a spammer and in turn, locks the user out of his account. You can use the sign-in helper to unlock your account or you can wait for 12 hours and it will be unlocked by the platform itself.

You can also try to use the additional troubleshooting methods in case the steps written above are of little or no use to you.

● Make sure that the browser you are using is of the latest version and is compatible with Yahoo mail. If it isn’t so, you can try to switch your web browser or try to update your web browser.

● You need to update the login information in your web browser in case you have changed your account password or you can also try to login using the manual method to check if that solves this problem.

● You need to keep in mind to enter the Yahoo account key after the password in case you use the 2-step verification method.

These are some of the ways that you can use to get rid of this login problem.

For more info, you may contact the Yahoo help and support center or you can visit the ‘online geeks' website to get answers to your queries.

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