An innovative solution for companies looking to expand their business!
The ITFC economic inclusion network is offering a very unique solution to assist Canadian companies, big or small, identify existing and emerging business opportunities with Indigenous communities all across Canada.

We have developed a pan-Canadian network of community based Indigenous Liaison Officers, (ILO’s) “subject matter experts” who can provide relevant insights within a specific category or area of interest.

In over 700 communities and in over 75 different categories, the network will provide an invaluable resource for Canadian companies to develop opportunities for growth and collaboration.
Recently an executive in the Toronto area told us that they were preparing for a meeting in Ottawa on the traditional territory of the Algonquin people and needed help drafting the appropriate greeting. Using our network, the executive was able to search for an Indigenous Liaison Officer in Ontario and more specifically an ILO within the category “Community and Cultural Protocols”.

The two-hour, $200 engagement of an Indigenous Liaison Officer was an investment well worth the time it took to gain the respect of the elders and leadership with whom the company is now working with and for!

For the Indigenous Liaison officer, they were able to connect with an employer that could benefit from their local knowledge, enhance their digital competencies and strategically position themselves within a “new” market for further engagement.

A process made simple. In the example above the executive had become a “Seven Generation Member” of the ITFC network. Just so you know, the seven-generation member option was incorporated into the pricing structure for members based on the Indigenous “Seven Generation Philosophy” a concept that basically says that the actions we take today should benefit generations to come.

Our way of incorporating this philosophy is to offer lifetime membership to those wanting to make an investment in real change. Back to the example: A Seven Generation Member receives 1000 complimentary credits they can use to engage Indigenous liaison Officers.

The executive had two choices, they could have posted, from their dashboard, an opportunity requesting help which at that time would have been sent to relevant ILO’s or search the platform for someone that had already existed and met their qualifications. If the executive had chosen to post the position, they would have been able to describe the deliverable, the remuneration the ILO could expect, the time that they estimated The Indigenous Liaison officer would have to commit to. The executive would then and then publish within the network.

The ILO would be based on their parameters and filters would receive an “alert and notification” of the opportunity. To become part of this incredible network you do not have to be a Seven Generation Member, go to and discover your options.

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ItsTimeForChange is an economic inclusion network and shares information to help in business development. In this article find out how your company can draw from a network of over 37,000 potential “gig” to help grow your business.