Vacation is a time that people dedicate to rejuvenating themselves from their tiring lifestyle. A family spends a lot of time making adjustments for planning a vacation and leaving no stone unturned to make it successful. Families plan everything to ensure that they do not miss out on anything on their vacation. But there are always some fears that stop them back at their home. What is the worst fear while leaving for vacation? What if nothing goes as per the plan, there’s a connectivity issue, or the stay lacks proper facilities. And what is the possible solution for all of these? The WOL House is the answer. Just one booking and you’re done. The WOL House takes care of all your needs on vacation, even the ones you’re not aware of.


Designed in Central and North Goa, The WOL House is a luxury villa that has all the facilities that one might need to relax on vacation. It is the best choice for families as people get more time to spend with their loved ones rather than running from pillar to post to arrange various requisites. The villa has basic facilities like 24*7 electricity and water supply and fully furnished spacious rooms. One can thoroughly enjoy a private yet exploring vacation in Goa with the best hospitality services. The WOL House provides you with the best experience in a private villa and a private beach in the most beautiful locations of Goa.


Along with the facilities, the villas have great use of local art and handicrafts that allows you to explore the local taste of the city. The WOL House also has a fully equipped modular cooking space where you can cook for yourself or ask the provider to help you with cooks who’ll present you with the best dishes of your choice. The services are dedicated to providing you with the most comfortable stay. There’s an event space where you can witness the most happening entertainment events.


It aims at providing you with the most secure environment so that stress doesn’t even touch you on your vacations. The villas are well equipped with 24*7 surveillance cameras, and other facilities and private security are also dedicated to ensuring that there’s no privacy breach. Also, it arranges vehicles to your demands so that you can move around the city without any hustle-bustle. The project focuses on all luxuries that are capable of serving the visitor an exclusive experience. Hence it has an ancient touch in its infrastructure.

We make your life easier:

The concept of luxury villas is all about providing a one-stop solution to all the visitors on their vacations. And when it comes from a brand worth trusting, it is a must-have experience. Luxury villas are coming up at almost every holiday destination today, but The WOL House is one of its kind due to its world-class infrastructure designed by a team of experienced architects and built with the latest technologies to create a firm infrastructure. The villas can be easily reached through public transport as they are well connected to significant spots of the city. One can easily own the villa for their vacations by booking them as per their requirements. It is a dream holiday home in Goa that one can own with investments.

Unique Concept:

The WOL House is a unique concept bringing the combination of urban facilities with an ancient touch. The idea is absolutely a family-friendly space as it has work from home facilities along with a private pool and other facilities for having fun. This means that families can combine fun with work hassle-free on their holidays. The villa provides all the luxuries that one can wish to have. Apart from luxury facilities, the villa has a club, bar, theatre and part lounge to extract the best out of your stay with family and friends and leave mesmerising imprints on the hearts of visitors. Their hospitality is the best in class to present you with the most happening vacations of all. One must have at least one experience of The WOL House to add to their best moments of life.

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The World of Luxuries (WOL) House is based on the globally renowned concept of a Members-owned residential club, with the distinct distinction of providing its members with the opportunity not only to enjoy luxurious stays and network but also to earn a return on their investments. The luxurious Villa floors are designed in European style, with interiors by world-renowned designers. Each corner of THE WOL HOUSE has been creatively designed with our urban buyers in mind who want to laze around and give their creative minds the necessary wings to fly in mind.