Thai massage is an ancient healing technique reserved for the kings. Royal Thai massage, which is the most popular form of Thai massage, is based on the overlapping of Ayurveda, Samaveda, Buddhist mysticism and Yogic techniques of bodily regeneration. By increasing blood circulation in your body, Thai massage enables your body to boost your immune systems by purging it of unwanted toxins. A traditional practice from the ancient age of Lord Buddha, Thai massage does wonder to the body of the recipient by enhancing the bodily functions, elevating the spirit and healing the soul.

Practical Benefits of Royal Thai Massage

Thai massage is a signature treatment to your body that has been in practice for ages, and have innumerable benefits to the recipient’s body. These benefits include:

  • Royal Thai massage stimulates the immune system so that it works properly to keep you away from diseases.
  • It causes the relaxation of muscles of the recipient.
  • It works like a charm against musculoskeletal pain since it increases your body’s fluid retention capacity and flow of blood.
  • It helps to prevent high blood pressure symptoms.
  • It is said to cure breathing conditions like bronchitis asthma.
  • By applying pressure in designated areas, it alleviates chronic conditions involving muscle joints and bone. It also helps in posture correction as well as body toning.
  • It increases mobility and flexibility, and while doing so, it brings out the athletic in you.
  • It results in increased physical stamina and vitality of character.

Mental Benefits of Royal Thai massage

According to specialists offering Thai massage in Footscray, the mental benefits of the Royal Thai massage are numerous.

  • It relieves stress and restores the balance of the mind.
  • It makes one regain mental strength.
  • It enhances mental energy and makes you unleash the full potential of the brain.
  • It fights the consequences of negative energy on your mind, body and spirit.
  • It enhances your power of concentration by reducing stress

How is Royal Thai massage applied to the body?

We have come to the root of the discourse. The Royal Thai massage is a traditional massage, and the ancient techniques involved in it is being maintained for centuries and passed on to later generations who will keep the art alive in future. The first step of a traditional Royal Thai massage involves the discerning of designated ‘Sen’ lines along the body. These lines are said to carry the body’s energy, and that is why the pressure is applied along the tracks to rejuvenate your body. There are many techniques for using the massage, and the massage session often employs a balanced combination of all these techniques. These techniques include tugging and kneading of the muscles, deep tissue compression, rhythmic stretching and pulling of the body along with ancient yogic techniques.

Royal Thai massage is one of the most relaxing as well as rejuvenating spa techniques of Thailand. It got its name from the royal recipients of Thailand for whom, Thai massage was an unfaltering remedy to all sorts of ailments for the aristocrats and courtiers of the ancient Thai kingdom. However, as Thai massage is not restricted to only aristocrats in the present times, you can avail this signature body spa therapy from any Thai massage parlour in Sunshine to maintain the supreme well being of your body. So, what is keeping you? Book an appointment in a reputed spa that offers traditional and authentic Thai massages to heighten your sense perception.

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