When it comes to joining two metal pieces with MIG welding, the quality will be highly defined by the welding wire used to join the metals. The best thing about MIG welding is it is possible to combine almost any types of metals, and as long as the wire has good quality, the welding will create a strong joint. Since the wire really plays an important role in this process, make sure you consider these things when choosing the best wire.

Get the Right Metal

Firstly, make sure the wire and the metals that you want to join together are in the same type. It means, if you want to weld aluminum, you should get an aluminum wire, and you need to get steel wire if you want to weld steel.
However, a wire that is made with one pure metal is very rare. So, if you find a stainless steel wire that is mixed with other elements like titanium or silicon, it is perfectly okay. As a matter of fact, the additional elements will make the wire more stable, hence more durable welding results. Make sure you research your option first before finalizing your selection.

Pay Attention to the Thickness

Furthermore, you also need to know that welding wire comes with different thickness. If you want to get the best result, you must measure the diameter of the metals that you want to weld together first. After you get the fixed measurements, you finally can choose the wire with the most suitable thickness.

Heavier Spool Can Be More Cost Effective

Even though you are basically working with the length of the wire when you are welding metals, generally, the wires are sold by weight instead of length. So, if you are working on a big project, it will be wiser to purchase heavier weight. You can also find wire that is sold per-inch. But the overall cost can be too expensive if you need plenty of wires.

There are plenty of benefits that you can get from MIG welding. Firstly, the cost is generally lower compared to other welding methods. And considering the productivity it offers, this method is indeed a wise choice for the project.

Furthermore, MIG welding is also easier since it is possible to join the metals in various positions as long as the equipment supports it. And once the job is done, you don’t have to waste too much time cleaning the mess. This is because the weld bead doesn’t come with any covering slag which makes the process less messy. And since there is nothing complicated about MIG welding, even inexperienced operator can do the job well. Mechanized welding is even possible which definitely makes the process more time efficient.

Unfortunately, it is not a secret that the equipment for this type of welding is known to be very expensive. Even though it offers better productivity and the production cost is lower, the upfront cost can still be a burden. This is why choosing the best welding wire becomes even more important. With the right wire, you can guarantee the strength of the joined metal and the cost will not go to waste.

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Robert Alleson