Inspiration: Launching Pad of Your Poem

What offers you the launching pad for writing a poem? The answer is ‘Inspiration’, which can strike you anytime from any direction. Strong emotions could be evoked by abstract concepts, memories of old family members or friends, any object around you such as a book or may be a pet and also by what is happening around you in the moment for instance the chirping of a bird or fast blowing wind.

Once you know the subject of your poem, are going to select the style in which you are going to mould your creative poetic verses.
Basic Conventional Styles of Poetry Writing

Conventionally there are five styles for writing a poem including limerick, cinquain, lyric poems, haiku and free verse. A limerick is a form of poetry which consists of description of silly figures or places, cinquains that are short poems based on not more than five lines.

Lyric poems are those where you write verses that could be turned into songs, narrative poems in which you can tell any story in short phrases and lastly the most popular style called free verse in which you are free to write with or without rhythm. If you are a qbeginner, it is advised that you start off with the free verse styles as it offers you more room to express yourself without any formatting rules.

The Process of Penning Down Your Poetic Flow

Once you are in the processing of penning down your thoughts, make sure you keep into consideration both the parameters of meter and rhythm. Meter makes it smooth and systematic for readers to read the poem and rhythm add beat to it.

To make your poems more appealing, you need to create as many descriptive and imaginary words as you can while making a good use of metaphors and symbolism. Revise your poem as many times as you can so as to omit any unnecessary words and verses and add those which seem suitable and relevant.
A Lingering Glance at What Poetry is All About?

To put in the words of Charles Ghigna:

A poem is a little path

That leads you through the trees.

It takes you to the cliffs and shores,

To anywhere you please.

Follow it and trust your way

With mind and heart as one,

And when the journey’s over,

You’ll find you’ve just begun.

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