Summer is officially here, for beach lovers like me, to find a cool beach towel that’s functional and looks amazing is fairly important.

Not quite long I was navigating through Pinterest and I stumbled on sponsored ads for something I thought was impossible - a beach towel that repels sand.
Nothing on earth is worse than going to the beach and bring the whole beach back home. The post-beach sand removal is so annoying and impossible. So the anti-sand microfiber beach towel attracts my attention immediately.

Therefore, I clicked on the ads, which leads to GoBreezie website. I am glad that there are so many cool prints to choose from. From the fabric introduction, I learned that these towels are super absorbent, dry quickly and can be folded into small size. This makes it handy and can be taken everywhere.
Such a perfect beach towel it is something unbelievable based on my experience being a beach bum. I have to order one to try it out myself. To my surprise, the shipping was fast. The towel also comes with a cute backpack. Prints are two-sided so it won’t easily get dirty I guess. Size is perfect but overall a bit light and airy than a conventional beach towel.

I tried it without getting wet, just as a blanket to sit on the dry sand. And it works perfectly. When I was done, I shook it off and the sand came off easily. Can’t wait to give the towel an upgraded test — meeting the water and sand situation. Surprisingly, the sand also comes off easily when the towel is wet. This is my best birthday gift ever!

A quick note - this is not the most soft towel to be on. It’s more like lying on a blanket, guess this is made by innovative microfiber. But it does performs well.

It’s very good for travelling. The ability to dry quick and compact and it fits in every bag and it won’t take much space. I took it to the trip where we swam and sun bathing everyday. I am glad that it dries up fast and leaves no disgusting odor in my backpack.

Quick dry, sand resistant, comfortable, that’s all what I am looking for, and GoBreezie towel is the exact game changer on beach towel.

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Torsi is a professional blogger.