God incarnates again and again. In this era again there is a need of God’s Avatar. It is required to solve today’s existing world problems. Which then are problems of today? Can you enumerate them? Can you give the cause of mankind’s grief today? Circumstances of the past and today are totally different. In ancient times demons existed who would kill Rishis and gobble them up. A huge pile of bones were made. Today do we find any demon that eats humans and then piles up their bones? People eat beasts but no one eats humans. Situations of ancient times are not seen today. Where do we find Kansa today? Can we find the foul Duryodhan? In those days, man used to attack. Thus Almighty God too would incarnate and counter attack them. God used to incarnate with knives, swords, Sudershan Chakra etc. He came with arrows too. He came with sharp canine like teeth. In ancient times demonic attacks were visible. In those times those who attacked were in the form of arrogant unruly people. They were hoodlums, vile people and demons. In order to kill such visible demons God too incarnated accordingly.


Demons like Hiranyakashipu, Mahishasur, Madhu-Kaitabh, Shumbh-Nishumbh, Ravan, Kansa etc appeared visibly and challenged everyone. As a result Goddess Durga with a sword in her hand counter attacked them and seated on a lion would maul them. In ancient times they were visible hence Avatars of past times too were directly visible. They were known to kill demons too because those demonic powers that spread unruliness were visible. They were known to kill and hence God too incarnated in a gross visible manner. Even today an Avatar is required. Why is this so? The reason is that in comparison to ancient times modern situations are all the more worse. They are no good at all.


There are certain diseases in which a surgeon’s knife is used and the boil is healed. Now what exactly is about to happen? Our wound is bigger, blood is oozing from it and we are about to die. Then there is another type of complaint. In it the face is normal but in the lungs TB sets in because of bacterial attack. These germs slowly render the lungs useless and we are about to enter the jaws of death. Now you along with me shall die. Why are we dying? We are dying because we are wounded and see my leg has broken. It has become septic and there is tetanus. What is the difference between the 2? There is no difference. One is visible and the other is not. Today similar dire situations are being faced the world over. No doubt problems existed in ancient times but their form and nature were different. Externally we all appear hale and hearty. We visit malls wearing gorgeous clothes so that it appears that within our soul too we are happy. Our inner personality is too good. When we go to the bazaar or a movie theatre with a lit cigarette on our lips we appear very exotic. There is no greater or happy person than myself.


If only we open the box of the inner personality of modern man it becomes clear that he is burning within. He is like a ghost from the grave that has no love given to him or any kind of help. Man lives in the world of love and affection but today no one trusts each other. None has faith that he will get help from others. A father has no faith that the very son whom he reared by educating him etc will today help him (father) in getting his younger daughter married. No my child! Never hope that others will help you. A mother must not hope that since I have nurtured my son lovingly and today he is a young grown up adult he will marry so that his wife will bring with her joy and peace in the house. Henceforth never make such hopes. A smaller brother must not harbor hopes that his elder brother will help him in any way.


Today vain show of manners and etiquette are on the rise. Everyone learns the phrase ‘thank you very much’. We do not know that via lip service what fever and poison dwells in man’s psyche. In ancient times enemies faced us visibly and attacked us. They would fight and heap insults too. Today this is no longer the case. What takes place today? Today the enemy never confronts us face to face. Where does he come from? He comes from the side, from the back and of course puts on a façade of being our long lost friend. In your life you will not face much danger from visible enemies. If anyone harasses you get it reported to the police. He will not cause much damage to you yet if untold harassment is to creep into your lives it will be via one type of person only. The name of this person is your ‘friend’. I feel such friends should be called enemies. Can you tell me how majority of our children at homes undergo a downfall? The only reason we see vain unruly sense merriment is our ‘friend’. Say who tarnishes the lives of our daughters? Friend! In today’s modern times none can be a bigger enemy than our friend. It is best not to befriend anyone. Instead silently go to work, to the field etc and at home keep chanting your Mantra. It is best not to develop friendship.


Is it erroneous to befriend someone? O! How can I malign friendship? How can I cast aspersions on true love? How can I taint true friendship? Friendship in fact is a very good thing. Cooperation is excellent but in today’s modern times when today mankind is harassed and grieving there all friendship ends. Trust disappears into the thin air and man’s character gets demeaned. I cannot say anything about you but do you know to what low levels humanity’s character has stooped to? If you wish to know this, visit rest houses with 1 bag in hand. Tell the manager of the rest house that you want to spend 1 night there. The manager will stare at you from head to foot and when he sees that you hardly have any luggage he will say: Sir! Off late there is a big crowd here. The entire rest house is brimming to the full. Since we have no place here for you go to the neighboring rest house where you may get a room. If you visit that rest house there too you will be told: O brother! Over here there is no vacant room so please go elsewhere.


If you visit any rest house you will get only one answer that there is no room vacant. Please go away since we cannot help you. Why is this so sir? What is the reason? OK, do one thing. Take one mattress and one attaché. If you do not have it, ask the neighbor. Take this mattress and one attaché and go to the nearby rest house. There ask for a vacant room. Yes Sir! Our rest house is vacant. In these rains no one came. O bell boy! Please make arrangements for this customer to stay here. What does all this mean? Man’s stature depends on how much wealth you possess akin to owning a mattress and attaché as above. Man has no value per se and none trusts him. When a guest comes to our house we fear him since in the room’s cupboard we have stashed a lot of cash. We worry if this guest steals it. A precious watch is there on the table. I hope no one will steal it. I hope the articles in my wife’s bag are not stolen. One keeps suspecting these guests. We have to give shelter to the guest because there is no way we can ask them to leave. Now when we go outside the house for work we tell our children, wife etc that since guests are residing in our house, beware! See to it that they do not steal anything.


Today does man have any trust? Yes! Man’s trust has totally disappeared. One wonders who snatched away man’s trust and good character. Who has stole man’s true love? Today’s modern man is so downfallen and wily. He is educated, a graduate, a post graduate but yet I say that from the standpoint of trust and character he is so lowly, that what is generally written outside offices applies to him. What say is written there? ‘No entry without prior permission’. ‘No admission’. One more phrase is written. ‘No vacancy’. There is no place for anyone over here. For whom is it written? It is for such tainted people. What are they called? Lowly! Everywhere such vile people get insulted and kicked about like footballs. Such hoodlums wail aloud in agony the world over.


Who is a hoodlum? He is one who does not want to make any effort and instead, by superficially appearing to be very good in character, wishes to lead a cool life. They do not want to perspire with hard work and wish to devour wealth illegally. He will sit in his office that has AC and boss over all and sundry. The answer of ‘no vacancy’ applies to such a one. Immediately remove him and shut doors on him. Everywhere one finds such stupid, indolent and criminal minded people. Shall I censure such people more? Will you hear me? Wherever you see you find such lethargic oafs. Where has the true human being disappeared? Today man is harassed by man himself. Over and above the man outside your home facing agony the people of your own family are harassed. The wife is harassed. Now since children have arrived, she no longer desires to remain married. There is hardship both ways. Her lap is filled with children. Lest there was no child she would have divorced her spouse. I assure you that if she had not divorced she would be begging on the streets and did something. Rest assured she would not live with you. No doubt the poor lady is dwelling with you but she is virtually standing under a guillotine. Why is this so? This is because he is a beastly human. Man is vile and in whose neck many girls have been tied by the knot of matrimony. These girls wail aloud in grief waiting to somehow enter the jaws of death.


Your wife gets no satisfaction from you. Your parents too experience dissatisfaction. Your brothers and sisters too undergo discontent. Your children live with dissatisfaction. O! Who say is this person? Is he human or a ghost? Friends! What is man getting converted into? Man is verily turning into a devilish ghost. What has happened to man? Man’s character and habits have become so tainted that with his own hand he attacks his limbs with an axe. How did he cut them? He has endangered his good health so direly that it appears till today in the entire world none experienced such ill health. The way in which diseases are spreading the world over in an alarming manner know for sure that ever since humans were created and till today such dire health conditions have never been witnessed. Toda man has become so weak, ill, listless, diseased and hollow that in world history of the past this has never been the case. Why sir? What is the cause? It is man’s vile intellect that is murdering him.


Once, I was telling you about a vile intellect. Man’s tainted thinking has destroyed his good health. Man himself is getting destroyed. It has destroyed the institution of family life. Man’s children are destroyed. You will sire children. The more you want to get entangled in problems the more children you must sire. If you want 100 tons of harassment sire 1 child and if you want 200 tons of it, produce 2 children. If you want 300 tons, sire 3 children. No sir! Due to this my lineage will continue. Child! Your linage will not continue and instead you will be hammered. Your children will cut off your moustache and shoes will be hurled at your head. No sir! I must sire children. Stupid man! As a result what will happen today? In this world as per our character and inner personality, as per the family environment those children that will be sired, what type will they be? Such children will appear like scorpions. Of what type are scorpions? Child! Scorpions are of such variety that when they manifest as eggs in their mother’s womb, they get broken in the womb itself and there they start growing. What do they do then? For food intake they start devouring their own mother’s tummy. What next takes place? When these babies dwell in the stomach they eat all the food present in it which was gathered when their mother ate it. When the mother becomes totally worn out and all her inner organs are battered they come out from the walls of the mother’s body. What are these? They are scorpions.


Who is about to take birth in your family? A scorpion! Man is a scorpion. Families and homes which should have benefited from their younger generation fail to do so. Can’t you see all this? Sir! I can definitely see it. What are you noting? I can see that everywhere you are staring wide eyed at poverty and bankruptcy. Although wealth is on the rise man’s dissatisfaction like bankruptcy is too rising alarmingly. What can your financial status do under such situations? Guruji! I am facing bankruptcy. I am very tensed and harassed. Yes child! Definitely you will be tensed. Ok tell me, how much do you earn? Guruji! You very well know how much I earn. Totally I get Rs 650. How many members are there in your family? My family has myself, my wife and my 2 children. Child! Rs 650 mean a lot of cash. O revered sir! How can so much cash suffice? In the 1st day of each month all my household expenses are meted out but later I face a big financial crunch.


Please check my accounts. For 35 years I resided in Ghiyamandi’s office of ‘Akhand Jyoti Magazine’. I have kept all the accounts of money spent in these 35 years. Every cent of these years can be accounted for by me. Very easily I could mete out expenses of myself, my wife, our 2 children and my mother using only Rs 200 per month. With Rs 200 so grandly did I run my household that none till today understood whether I lived in poverty or in bankruptcy. You know nothing about apt usage of money. Hence you face poverty and bankruptcy. Poverty cannot be overcome via honesty, looting, crime or taking loans. This poverty never ends. This poverty accompanies you today and will follow you right till death. Why is this so? This is so because you are unaware of apt money management. You know only how to spend wastefully. Have you realized this wastage? Man refuses to labor hard, perspire with due efforts, augment his capabilities. Instead he continues to spend lavishly. Hence will not poverty shoot up? Definitely it will! What else will happen? What more can I say?

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