Oprah is a fan. The Secret raves about it. It's featured in many self-help guides and success manuals, including centuries-old classics and Bible. And if you take only one new idea to decide change your life, I hope that is the one: Gratitude

It's a small, easy, commonplace sentiment, summed up in two little words: thank you. Yet it's a powerful tool which can transform your life. I believe that this concept, more than any other, will not only improve your domestic situation but will affect your whole life. Quite a bold claim! But I am utterly convinced of the simple power of an attitude of gratitude.

Where does this power come from? What are the effects? And more importantly, how can we harness it to cope with the boredom of housework?

The Power of Thank You

So how does this work? How can simply being grateful affect your life? There are a number of theories, some spiritual, some scientific, and there are many books dedicated solely to this topic. However, it's a simple principle, so a brief explanation is all you need to see how it can work for you. (Though if you feel drown to gaining a deeper understanding, The Secret book/film or the Waalth Beyond Reason resource are great places to start.)

As diverse as the many explanations are, they all agree on one thing. An appreciation of what's good in your life will bring more good things to you.

Gratitude is a classic example of the idea that what you focus on, expands. Spending time, thought and energy on any aspect of good in your life is a powerful act of focus. This conscious appreciation shapes your respective, you become more positive, more optimistic, helpful, and joyful. This new attitude affects your approach to life and subsequently, your results. It's an upward spiral that attract more things in your life to be grateful for! Who wouldn't want that?

According to John Assaraf, author of the best seller, Having It All, when we count three blessings a day, we get a measurable boos in Happiness that uplifts and energizes us. And former US television anchor Deborah Norville focuses on the scientific evidence of the gratitude factor in her book, Thank You Power. Deborah claims that gratitude can make your healthier, happier, smarter, more resilient, and can even undo the negative effects of stress.

It makes psychological sense. When you consciously seek the silver lining, you are literally training your brain. Whatever you give thought to, your brain is programmed to notice more of the same - have you ever been considering buying a certain car and you strangely start noticing the same car all over the place? Well, when you consider what's wonderful in your life - you suddenly start to notice even more wonderful things. The Law of Attraction explains this phenomenon by suggesting that gratitude makes you magnetic to more of what you are focusing on - in this case, more good stuff!

When you are thankful, you are acknowledging your blessing and good fortune - even if only in small ways. This state of mind leads you to becoming more blessed and even luckier. Quite a result! And it all begins with sense of appreciation.

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