3-2-1 Method: A technique to assist in accomplishing your to-do list. Can be used for getting through a holiday season or building your business and anything in-between that you intend to create. The method is to write a list consisting of 3 items, 2 items and 1 item:
3- Tweaks…write 3 small tweaks to engage in that will move you toward your goal
2- Celebrations..write down which 2 things you will celebrate and be grateful for today
1- Thing You’ll Stop today…Pick one thing to stop doing that contradicts your goal

The 3-2-1 Tracker keeps you on track and it’s simple to do – each week or once a week.

Decide - what you want
Figure- out how to get it
Identify - the people, places and things you need to accomplish your goal.
Go - about doing it

In creating life skills, we build new muscles that support us to move ahead.
Today while speaking with a talented and high-level Web Developer / Computer Technician, we were discussing moving ahead together on a project. He said something that really perked my ears up regarding the numbers that result in a call to action. When you generate a call to action with people, i.e. – a radio show asking listeners to do something, or a business asking potential clients to do something, or buy a book, or sell a product - did you know what the statistics are for things like that? I was really surprised. When you get 1-3% people to take an action you are doing very well. Those are the numbers. So that means that about 99% of people will never do anything. Wow. The technician said that 97-99% of people will never do anything no matter what you tell them or offer them they’ll just sit there doing the same thing… no result. The other 1-3% of folks are hungry – they’re hungry to change, to grow, to do something better for their life. They will bite, they’ll buy; they’ll take action. And they’ll get the result – whatever they’re doing or being will improve greatly because of the action they took!! Where do you fall in those numbers? In what percent have you been living your life? And do you want to make a new choice about that?

If you’re in the 1-3% like me and want to improve your life, your work, finances, health, relationships, and spirituality – stay with me here. (And bless you for your willingness to take action, to do the work – to want to live La Vida Plena or la increíble vida, or la vida mágica …. meaning The Full Life, The Amazing Life or The Magical Life.)
Regarding Fear – I watched a TV show where a trainer works with people who are extremely overweight to lose weight and get healthy. He made a pushing his clients to face their fears. The trainer said the longer we avoid something we fear the more it grows and he suggests we face them, take them on– get through them. And just like in life or pursuing dreams and goals and intentions often we must face down a fear in order to get to the dream come true. Facing your fear, not avoiding, but walking through the experience, in spite of fear (which is what courage really means) has inherent life lessons in them.
So create your dreams come true: Be, think, act, and receive. Fill it with joy and love so the quantum field of energy matches the vibrational match of what you’re feeling and envisioning. In other words, what you create and attract to you will match the energy you’re imbuing your goal with and bring it to you.

Tell yourself: “I am consistently in the right vibration to attract wealth.” Finish the sentence with whatever it is you are ready to attract to yourself and your life right now.

Napoleon Hill, 1883-1970, Author, wrote:
"The moment you commit and quit holding back, all sorts of unforeseen incidents, meetings and material assistance, will rise up to help you. The simple act of commitment is a powerful magnet for help."

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