Yesterday I read on one of the Weight Loss forums very interesting question asked by someone:
"Why Herbal Weight Loss Remedies Must Be Used For Weight Loss?"

This question surprised me and I began to wonder if we really need to use some pills and herbs to lose weight?
The answer is yes and no, and it depends on the quality of the food that we have on the plate.

Let me tell you the story of my childhood and youth, the history of food, healthy weight and health in general.

I was born and spent my early years in a small town surrounded by forests and farms, away from any industry, in a very clean environment.
I remember in my class in elementary school there was only one overweight boy, we were in the class of 30 students. Long afterwards I was often wondering how it was possible? Also I was wondering why there was hardly any adults who are overweight, why no one has heard of diabetes or allergies? It sounds like a fairy tale but that's how I remember people around me...

I think I found the answer:
In those days and in that place we all ate only all-natural food - there was no other one.

When analyzing the diet of this community, I see that we got the perfect nutrition. We were almost self-sufficient when it comes to food.
The surrounding farms produced food without any chemical fertilizers and pesticides - they were not there yet.
Animals for for meat were fed natural feed without antibiotics and growth hormones - they were not being applied.
We drank water from natural deep wells or springs, without fluoride, chlorine and thousands of other junk.
Everyone ate to heart's content, no one was hungry but there were very few people who are overweight - how it is possible?

The answer is very simple: the quality of the food that we ate perfectly nourished our bodies. In the food were all necessary vitamins and minerals in abundance - and they were natural.

Today many things have changed.
Fruits that we buy in supermarkets have grown far away, were picked as unripe and artificially ripened. They have very little nutritional ingredients.
Vegetables contain more plant protection products than vitamins and minerals.
Today, we eat a lot of processed food, junk food, right?

As a result, all of our bodies are starved of nutrients and desperately looking for natural vitamins and minerals that should be in the food. Our body needs them to function normally. So we eat a lot more and still gain weight. The circle is closed.

To interrupt this vicious circle, we first need to feed our body properly. Give it all the natural vitamins and minerals we need. Provide natural plant protein, we need to rebuild our bodies.
Today, if you want to lose weight, you need to replace a large part of everyday sweet, greasy and full of preservatives (but very "tasty") food by wisely composed, healthy and full of nutrients meals.
Meals that contain only 250 calories and completely satisfy the hunger.

You can not just "eat less" of the already very poor in nutritional value "traditional" food. Your body will claim some day about the nutritional components due to him, and then ... you'll open the fridge - again.

The choice is simple, the decision is yours.
The answer to this question is 'yes', in modern times, with today's lifestyle and food what we buy, we should use natural products and programs for weight loss. Otherwise, we will keep repeating fun in the yo-yo effect.

Author's Bio: 

I'm active with Weight Loss and Dietary Supplements since 2004.
After my personal success of losing over 40 lbs with Herbalife Supplements I started learning and helping my customers.
During past eight years I helped more them 800 people to lose weight or (rarely but still) to gain weight.

An average weight loss result was 15 - 40 lbs but several of my clients lost over 100 lbs and maintain that weight until today.

My method is based on a combination of good, individually developed plan, the selection of appropriate supplements for each client and the proper motivation.