Polo T shirts are male forever wardrobe staple.

Polo t shirts for men have evolved into a sophisticated and popular basic garment for a variety of occasions. It's an excellent choice for summertime date nights, backyard BBQs, and when you're not sure where your plans for the day (or evening) will take you.

But do we know where Polo T shirts came from? And how did it make its way into men's fashion? Continue reading to learn some little-known facts about men's Polo T shirts.

Polo t shirt for men is well-known from the "King's Sports," i.e. Polo. Polo t shirt for men, however, has not emerged from the game of Polo. It began as tennis attire or tennis game dress

Early tennis matches were played in "tennis whites," which had a distinct Aristocrat flair. This dress code previously required white trousers, a white shirt with sleeves rolled up, and a tie. This outfit was evidently not a suitable fit for such an active outdoor sport, being thick, heavy, and cumbersome.

Rane Lacoste, a seven-time grand slam winner, later invented a solution. Rane Lacoste wore an ideal tennis shirt during the 1926 U.S. Open Tournament. A soft, breathable fabric with an unstarched collar was used to create this half sleeves white shirt. Rane wore his lightweight t-shirt tucked into his white trousers. This was the first appearance of the men's Polo T shirt.

The Polo T shirts were initially only available in white, but in the early 1950s, a wider variety of polo t shirts in a variety of colours were introduced in America.

Rane started manufacturing polo t shirts after he retired in 1933. With the passage of time, this tennis shirt became popular among athletes, particularly polo players. They created their own version of the Polo t-shirt. The collar button was replaced by a placket on Lacoste's t-shirts. Polo players created a three-button polo t shirt for men. During the game, these buttons were used to keep the collar flaps away from the player's face.

Summary: This version of Polo t shirts was so widely accepted among athletics that even tennis players started calling it a "Polo t shirt".

Conclusion: Polo t shirt for men has become a male wardrobe staple. With its origin as a “sportsmen’s need”, polo t shirts are now a mainstay in everyday wardrobe defining style and class for men.

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