LASIK is an acronym for situ keratomileusis, an effective alternative to glasses or contact lenses. Performed to correct vision problems, it is one of the most commonly performed as well as the best-known laser refractive surgery.

It is a safe procedure that can be performed within half or an hour, at most. You can get it done by any reputed eye clinic Dubai that offers surgical procedures. The process involves using a special type of cutting laser to change the shape of the tissue in front of the cornea to correct and improve your vision. The procedure sometimes produces results immediately; however, in some cases, it may take a couple of weeks..

Brief Overview to LASIK surgery

Irregularly shaped corneas lead to refractive errors, which can be corrected using LASIK surgery. The corneas are reshaped to correct your vision. A small cut is made in the cornea and the flaps are lifted to use a laser for corneal reshaping. The flaps are sealed once the process is complete. But the patient needs to rest for proper healing and preventing infection.

But, one thing that needs to be understood is that just because LASIK happens to be a routine procedure, it does not imply that patients are not supposed to take care of their eyes. Postoperative care is extremely important. Your surgeon and his team will devise a post-operative care plan for you to follow so you can heal faster. Post-LASIK care is a must for recovery so that you can get the desired results.

Here are a few guidelines for postoperative LASIK care:

Wear Sunglasses

You may feel itching and discomfort to some extent after post-LASIK. If the weather is particularly hot where you live, wear sunglasses to prevent the sun rays from getting into your eyes.

Do Not Read Too Much

If you are an avid reader, don’t overdo it on the reading. It is better that you don’t strain your eyes too much after getting LASIK surgery. Although you will experience a clear vision within a day or two of the surgery, it is best to go easy on your eyes.

Do Not Swim or Go into Hot Tubs

When your eyes are healing, you surely wouldn’t want to risk potential infection or irritation. Both pools and hot tubs have a risk of veritable bacteria.

Do Not Smoke

Although this one is not compulsory, the smoke from the cigarette might get into your eyes and cause irritation. So, it is better to avoid it.

Avoid Gardening and Sports

Apart from contact sports, it is better to be safe while doing routine activities. This includes working in the yard or gardening. You cannot risk anything getting in your eye or irritate them while your corneas are healing from surgery.

Do Not Drive

You need to wait for your doctor’s go-ahead to drive. It would be safe to wait for a day or two and get behind wheels after your follow-up appointment.

Avoid Eye Makeup

Foundation and blush are fine, but particles from eyeliners, mascara, eye shadow can enter your eyes and cause irritation. See that even after a week has passed, you get yourself brand new eye makeup products.

Since your eyes are in a sensitive and healing stage and more to getting infected after LASIK eye surgery Dubai, you would want to use products with no bacteria with them.

Following these tips could improve your chances of quick and effective recovery post-LASIK.

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