The introduction of voice assistants in early 2011 was seen as a great technological changeover from keypad based search to a completely voice enabled digital search. Today, the entire market of search based technology has taken a significant leap with the coming of age of better evolved devices. Today, the entire market of smart voice based search devices has transformed significantly over the last 9 years. Almost one out of eight Americans own a voice powered Google search device. Here we are speaking about the Alexa device and the host of other voice based search companions available in the markets.

Researchers around the world estimate that there would be an average of 100 million smart phone users by 2020. The popularity and quality of voice based search is increasing continuously and the CEO of Google, Sundar Pichai has confirmed that the percentage of web based voice search has increased significantly over the last few years.

The objective of this discussion is to analyze the impact of voice search on Google. The SEO companies in USA are adopting new strategies to help their client stay aligned with the evolving spectrum of the search markets. Today, the very essence of coming within the periphery of voice search results is very challenging. SEO services in USA have already understood the difficulty of staying in the voice results. The reason being that voice search offers a single result from the entire search. Unlike a mobile or web based search engine, Google would not display multiple results from the search. With the evolution of voice based search; a digital marketing company would face a bigger challenge in bringing a particular search result within the single search result of the voice search. The evolution of text to speech is another important aspect of the entire voice search market. Now the online marketers are alsorealizing the need to stay alive in the stiff competition by making their clients voice search friendly. We have entered the most delicate era of digital marketing where voice search would provide minimal accommodation to businesses.

Some of the ways in which a digital marketing company can improve voice search SEO have been discussed in the following paragraph. The voice search marketing optimization is an aspect which is new to the periphery of the voice search market. The modern SEO approach towards voice search should be inclusive of the following:

  • It is very important to maintain a conversational tone: By a conversational tone, we want to focus on the importance of being simple and lucid in front of your customers. The conversational flow of thought and relevant content makes it easier for the search results to connect with the content of a web or mobile site.
  • Provide customer centric answers: Straight customer centric answers are the key to smart marketing. We are living in an era where customers seek straight forward answers to their questions. Thus, the search results which are meticulously designed to attract such results would automatically feature higher than others. Thus, having customer centric answers is the key to get featured in highly competitive search results like voice search.
  • Important to have the special local locations for better local search marketing: The local locations play a very important role in the search results. Thus, it is important to have the names of the local places within the search results for the search results to be more accurate. People often look for local businesses or services which can only be located with the help of local online search results. In today’s competitive market, local search has become a very important factor which needs to be taken care of to ensure that the results are relevant to the area sought in the search.
  • Never ignore the importance of semantics based search: The search results are no longer just keyword based. They are semantic based and have a greater role in understanding the meaning of the search results than just providing a good search result. Today, the entire spectrum of search and the reciprocal results are in correlation with context and intent of search. When there is a mutual consensus between the two, the search shows up in the results.

The entire spectrum of voice search would have a significant impact on the entire SEO market. The entire game of voice based search is a highly competitive and user specific domain. Thus, internet marketers have to be very particular while framing strategies for their clients in order to get featured in the voice search results. The competition in the sphere of voice search is expected to grow and provide more opportunities to businesses in the coming days. Thus it is very important to have a clear marketing strategy in place to feature in the voice search results.

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