There is not a single day when we don’t face stress. Other than stress brought upon by an erratic lifestyle, we cannot afford to bear environmental trauma which our skin undergoes every day. Such polluted exposure leaves us mostly with the following:

  • Clogged Pores
  • Inflammation

Furthermore most of us will get scared knowing that these two challenges are responsible for accelerating skin aging. As such challenges are intensifying, so are most experts coming up with professional treatments, aimed at detoxifying and protecting our skin. Besides, these treatments are formulated to repair our skin cells so that we continue looking youthful.

The Role of Skin Detoxification

In modern living we remain exposed to harmful chemicals and various external factors taking toll on our skin. Chiefly, it has been found that UV damage and pollution alongside exposure to radiation wreak havoc to our skin as a result of which the lymphatic cells which are mainly responsible for carrying out wastes and toxins get blocked. Stagnant work styles allow our body to build up such wastes which then lead to plenty of issues. This is when the role of detoxification before getting facials in Canberra, becomes more prominent.

Detoxification gives our skin a refreshing start stimulating elastin and collagen development. As a result of detoxification the skin starts secreting more of collagen along with elastin which will increase the overall barrier for the skin.  Considering that our skin constantly needs support for a revitalised look, it is important to eliminate all the impurities by means of detoxification.

All Natural Ingredients for Boosting Detoxification of the Skin

Our skin is like any other part of the body which looks for nourishment in order to sustain beauty. According to experts, our skin requires a daily dose of healthy diet. Here are some natural ingredients you can include in your diet to detoxify your skin:


Oh yes! One of the coolest detoxifying foods creating buzz, mushrooms are highly in demand because they offer plenty of adaptogens that help the human body to restore balance. Among all types of mushrooms, Reishi Mushroom is considered more nutritious. The bio-active compounds present in mushrooms add to regenerative results. Mushrooms are anti-inflammatory and antioxidant.


Here is another favourite for the health conscious bunch. Micro-greens include broccoli, clover sprouts and radish. According to experts, micro greens offer six times more nutritional value than other plant varieties. They are always brimming in minerals and vitamins, nutrients that help replenish our skin.

Birch Water

Here is a powerhouse of nutrients you will love to embrace in your diet. Birch trees offer an extremely nutritious sap which is rich in flavonoids, electrolytes, proteins, amino acids, enzymes and also vitamins. They optimise your health and replenish your skin. You can add this to your beverage dose.

Vitamin C

The countless benefits Vitamin C has on our skin make it a potential antioxidant. Vitamin C offers development and growth of skin. Vitamin C is widely needed by us. Ask experts at a Beauty Salon in Marion and they will tell you the same.

These are few ingredients you can include in your daily diet to enjoy a flawless skin.

Since skin detoxification plays a major role in rejuvenating the skin cells, it is important that a person seeks skin detoxification before getting a facial.

Author's Bio: 

The author runs a beauty salon in Canberra. He also regularly shares certain fundamental information about skin treatments and how detoxification helps.